Is anyone else having issues with their simulator?
LukePalmisano (1)

Since I updated to iOS 14, my simulator doesn't appear. When I run it, Xcode tells me it's built, it tells me it's running, but my simulator does not appear on my screen. Is anyone else having this issue?

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Axrevyn (220)

What are you referring to when you say "simulator?"

Coder100 (8404)

you should get XCode:

The iphone on the right

LukePalmisano (1)

@Coder100 @Axrevyn Appreciate the responses from both of you. I think I figured it out. I’ve never had to “stop” my simulator before. I just re-run it every time. I randomly just tried pressing “stop”, and then I reran it, and it worked fine. Noobie problems. 😂

Coder100 (8404)

it's ok, believe it or not the best of us make it too ;) @LukePalmisano