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Website help
RobertFurr (55)

so my dad made an outdated website a long time ago and I wanted to recreate it here so I copied the source code from the main page and there are other links in that page. How can I add those links and images into the repl? I'm using HTML, CSS, JS

PYer (3461)

where it shows the file tree, look for the three dots next to the new folder and new file buttons. click it, and select upload file, and then upload the files from your computer into the repl.
Please mark this as the answer. Thank you!

RobertFurr (55)

@PYer Are you talking about the webpage or the pictures?

RobertFurr (55)

chrome-extension://mmeijimgabbpbgpdklnllpncmdofkcpn/app.html#/files/a42cb67d-b75a-4693-ye5b-119ad98a97aa -- If this link works for you here's what I'm having trouble with

eankeen (1337)

Yah so if you're trying to upload some files, you can click on this button:

And there is an "Upload file" button once you click on those three dots.

Hopefully I was able to help :)