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Is it against Repl.It's policy to fork repls?
Ravens0606 (36)

Hey, Replers! I have been forking repls since the day I started, and I want to know if it is not OK. Also, I wanted to say I´m sorry to each repler that worked hours to create repl just for me and other people to fork it. I hope you all can forgive me!


Answered by Coder100 (11052) [earned 5 cycles]
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Coder100 (11052)

Forking is fine! Feel free to learn from other peoples' code :)
The only part of forking that is not allowed is claiming that code as your own, please attribute the author!


Feel free to fork code, you can learn from others, and maybe others can learn from you! However, please don't fork code with the intention of stealing others' work, that is plagiarism, and like in real life, you will get punished!

Kookiez (227)

it's not against the policy, you can totally fork a repl. But if you post the repl on share or something, I think you have to ask the person who made the repl first, and credit them when you make a post. Like if you forked a repl, added some cool stuff to it, and posted it to share, you should credit that this person made it, and you added something to it... etc.
Hope this helps! :D

Baconman321 (196)

No, it is not against their policy since this is more of a learning site than a sharing site. Either way, do not claim any repl that you modify from another person to be 100% yours, and always ask permission from the owner if you want to make a project out of it.

OlauPla (154)

No, you can fork replits but not post those that aren't yours i think

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Ravens0606 (36)

ok! i might mark it but i will wait cuz i want people to see this :D @OlauPla