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I am doing classes in my team for those who want to learn HTML & CSS only 10 students allowed
georgina3 (8)

Pls type in the comments so I can see If I have space for you to join my class

PS : it is for free (duh)
PSSSS: Html & css

georgina3 (8)

classes will start next week so u can prep and ect ps once a week so u can make another repl for homework by yourselfs!!

JosephSanthosh (1140)

Could you please add me in? Thx, I've been want ting to learn HTML

k9chelsea2 (614)

would you like me to help teach?

georgina3 (8)

@k9chelsea2 sure I will add u to my team

georgina3 (8)

@k9chelsea2 btw the teams are called htmlstudents, teachersxd & htmlstudents2

k9chelsea2 (614)

hey could you delete me from one of the teams for the time being need to test something