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How to make the snowflake rotate more smoothly?
arsidd (0)

Hello everyone,
I am new to python animation, although have managed to use animation to make the snowflake rotate but it is not rotating so smoothly...
I have attached the code below, can anyone please suggest me what do I do to make it rotate more smoothly?
Your help with this would be greatly appreciated!!😃😃

realTronsi (222)

Why don't you just lower the rotation amount?

arsidd (0)

I tried that too but it's still having some lag

realTronsi (222)

@arsidd I'm not a turtle expert, but probably just has to do with rendering. I don't think turtle is the place for smooth animations

arsidd (0)

@realTronsi Is there any other way to use animations to animate this project?

arsidd (0)

If anyone knows the solution to my question please answer...
Your help with this would be greatly appreciated!!

YouRenTan (3)

maybe you can get the time and use the time for the rotation?

arsidd (0)

I have used time and given a pause time of 0.02 sec but still it's not rotating smoothly....