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How do you use turtle with python?
stubaduble (13)

i want to make a 3Dish sign, that looks like it does in marvel, i have tried to make a 2D version, however that has taken forever and does not work so well, then i discovered that there was python with turtle, can anyone tell me hoe to get that into my repl, an then for it too actually work how i want it to?

TheForArkLD (716)

lets do it


and call function from t

stubaduble (13)

what do you mean, 'lets do it'
and what is the example that you have given me mean?

TheForArkLD (716)

@stubaduble Sorry i am japanese not good at english...
please do it

stubaduble (13)

so i tried your suggestion, it does work to make a mini screen, i then checked the tutorials page to try and find out some more, i found a tutorial on how to make pixel art, and to change the background colour of the screen.

that is the link to tutorial!

stubaduble (13)

thanks for your help @TheForArkLD
but it is not quite what i was looking for.

stubaduble (13)

This does however not awnser my question on how to make a 3D sign