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How can i make my repl online
EthanLauritzen (0)

How can i make my project run?

Zeune (36)

What is the issue you are experiencing? I haven't looked at the code, but I tested running the application and it returns

echo hello

Was this not the output you were expecting? If not what was?

EthanLauritzen (0)

@Zeune I want to run a bot on discord

Zeune (36)

@EthanLauritzen We are not going to make the project for you, but we can guide you to your answer. However, we need to know what you are having problems with. Is it 0Auth2? Connecting the server? Pinging it? getting a server started?

EthanLauritzen (0)

I want to make the bot online, it is already in the server, I would also like to know how to ping it and get it started