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RobertFurr (55)

Hello everyone,

I'm still trying to learn how to code and have tried to learn how to code using the teach/learn menu but the instructions the lessons give are as clear as mud. Is there a better way to learn?

Answered by a5rocks (793) [earned 5 cycles]
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a5rocks (793)

I recommend either:

  • learning by example
  • references if you know any other languages
  • a tutorial online
  • a youtube tutorial
GavHern (81)

There are plenty of great resources out there. I personally used the FreeCodeCamp YouTube channel. They have some really detailed stuff there.

For Java, I used . I'm not sure of the pricing or if it is just for classrooms but that's what my school used for computer science.

katyadee (1223)

What language are you trying to learn? We have a language learning club on our Discord :)

RobertFurr (55)

@katyadee I have a school Chromebook and Discord is blocked and I'm thinking about starting with java