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Can I make a social network with Java???
ZacPlayz (64)

Can I make a social network with Java??? Because if I can, it will be my upmost project ;). Thats why I'm asking... italic Please?

Answered by AmazingMech2418 (910) [earned 5 cycles]
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AmazingMech2418 (910)

You can make a social network in any language you can create a web server in, including Java, although I personally prefer Node.js. It is also preferred to make the frontend of the web server in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, but you could also make a CLI (command line interface) frontend with Java or use a graphics library to make a GUI (graphical user interface) frontend. However, remember to store API and encryption keys in a .env file so that people don't see the keys and so that people aren't able to get into your database, whether an actual database (I personally prefer SQL, although the text file system is my go-to for server-side repls) or a database-like encrypted text file or JSON file. I am actually currently working on developing a sort of social network. I have started a huge development project with many different services called iConn (stands for "Internet Connection") which includes two social network-like programs: iCom and HoustonEverywhere. If you would like tips for your social network, please let me know. However, I would still personally recommend Node.js (using Express for the webserver with some as your backend and HTML as your frontend for a social network instead of Java, but Java would still technically work. However, JavaScript and Node.js are very easy to learn if you already know Java and are actually also easier to program in as well (don't worry about defining nearly infinite numbers of classes with JavaScript!).

ZacPlayz (64)

@AmazingMech2418 Wow thanks you're amazing! You're the pro!
Thanks! I will let you know if I need some tips, yeah. Lmao yeah my teacher in Java told me the same, almost infinite numbers of classes.

AmazingMech2418 (910)

@ZacPlayz Thank you and you're welcome!

amaddentcsec (186)

It has been done!!!
Check out my post:
Hope you like it!

ZacPlayz (64)

By the way this is my first project soooo, yeah

SixBeeps (3047)

@ZacPlayz Imma stop you right there. If this is your first project, don't do anything related to netcode. Start off wayyy simpler.

ZacPlayz (64)

@SixBeeps Lol I first started coding HTML and CSS, then Java Animantions, so I guessed I'd start more advanced. I mean yeah, I'm studying Jaa right now it Acellus Academy, (You can go to and go in courses. There's "Introduction to Java"), and there I'm studying right now JOptionPane and showMessageDialog. So, in short, this isn't really my level, but its from Java Library in Oracle, where there arehundreds of thousands of Jaa commands. I just played around with them, I guess.

ZacPlayz (64)

lol i meant please not italic please. lmao

CodingCactus (3033)

@ZacPlayz You know that you can edit your post, so you don't have to correct yourself in the comments

ZacPlayz (64)

@CodingCactus Yeah I know but when I edited it didn't save. That's why.