Can you make an AI assistant in Java?
ZacPlayz (64)

Read the title yes, I need to make an AI assistant for my Role-play game "The War" named as Zefire. Zefire was actually planned to be an online search engine but was developed as an AI assistant in one of my friends' HTML website with my permission. Of course, I plan Zefire to be up there with Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant. So is it possible with Java to make an AI assistant for my game "The War"? Whoever answered me first will get 5 cycles for answering + 1 cycle if I like the way they answered (Professional tone). Overall 6 cycles!! So please answer quickly!

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Answered by CodeLongAndPros (1470) [earned 5 cycles]
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ZacPlayz (64)

API keys?? Can you make an AI Java assistant in one of your codes and show me it, because I don't really know what API keys are and how do I write them and how do I use them, etc.. @CodeLongAndPros