Mosrod (502)
Guide to Asking Coding Questions
# **Guide to Asking Coding Questions** ## **Why?** Good questions help your question be solved faster, and people will want to answer your questio...
amasad (3248)
Wildest programming language idea
What is your wildest programming language idea? This could be fun (silly) ideas or really cool and useful ones. Go! Also on le twatter: https://twit...
Brendan23 (64)
How do I print multiline strings side-by-side?
so if you type in more than one a when you run the repl, it will print one a and another below it. is there a way to get them side-by-side?
HyroSK (0)
I need disable https
Hi how can disable https and use only http? I need for my java program use http
kams12 (0)
tic tac toe by kwame-1
Hi guys. Check out my tic tac toe. It is amazing.
robowolf (401)
Too Much?
Okay so I'm working on a project for my 400 cycles special. Everything is working fine, but then when I set up the image function things got laggy. At...
CubeyTheCube (20)
"Deceptive Site Ahead"
I was coding when randomly chrome said this: Deceptive site ahead Attackers on 8ceb347a-67da-460d-8570-83b5047f526d.id.replitusercontent.com may tric...
EnderMarkoth (5)
Sharing Information
Are we allowed to be able to share emails, Discord names, and more on here without getting in trouble? I dont want to do anyhting wrong by accident by...
GalaxyWolfX (71)
Pseudocode Help
I don't know if this is an allowed "language". I have literally *no* idea how to do this, because my school provider sucks at giving necessary informa...
GalaxyWolfX (71)
Cycle Issue(?)
Oh dear god I come back to Repl.it and all my comments have two extra upvotes- I appreciate it, but I *really* didn't *earn* them. I don't want to get...
Coder2404 (14)
How to make a scroll bar?
I need to know this so I can add it to my website...
InvisibleOne (2157)
I need some help
Well, this is sort of @robowolf 's fault because his post wouldn't let me stop thinking about this, but I'm trying to figure some stuff out, so if you...
DianaGalvez (1)
Youtube Channel recommendations
Hi I just wanted to ask you guys for youtube channels (programming, tech related) recommendations. Thank you.
GalaxyWolfX (71)
Posting a repl to Share via link
How do I post a repl that you can't see until you click the link?
egrakev (0)
Press Enter to continue otherwise exit code
Hi, in my textbased game I want the player to press Enter to play and if they dont press Enter I want the code to exit and for the player to restart t...
MikeJMS8910 (57)
window.open isn't working
So if you test out my button you can see that the go to button isn't working. It's supposed to open a link in a new tab but for this, it just breaks t...
Solarbot9 (2)
can someone code cookie clicker with me
cookie clicker is blocked for me and I want to play it
IAmNew1234 (10)
can anyone help me and help with the end where it says "do you want to play again y or n"
why does it keep repeating "do you want to play again y or n?" every time you say y?
fwdraco (36)
Mod Bot
hey i need help how to make a mod bot please someone help me
Repl.it saving data issue.
Warning, the following is mainly me venting. To skip this part, read the bottom line for question; \-\-\- Replit database resetting while running. Fil...
Coder2404 (14)
How to make a top nav bar
Here is an example ![94E526BF-46ED-4FE7-B2CB-CCB822AE2A07](https://storage.googleapis.com/replit/images/1613406749957_0a7c27cf4b7a47396ba5abc71ca4be4e...
LegendaryAlpha (214)
Any Tkinter ideas
# **DON'T GIVE MEH RESULTS FROM GOOGLE/BING/YAHOO(SIMPLY WEB)** sorry for the caps... but don't give meh results from web or I'll report Tell meh any...
IAmNew1234 (10)
how do i make the words colors?
so i made a PasswordCreator earlier today but i want to add some color since it looks a little dull
WilliamXing (6)
import *
In many of your python programs, you use from _____ import *. What does import * import?
DynestyHardiman (0)
im new here
Yall what I'm supposed to do here I'm new?
xxpertHacker (768)
Coalescing if statements leads to change in control flow?
On line 228 of base64.hpp, I had this: ```c++ if ( u8'=' == ascii[i] ) { if ( u8'=' != ascii[1u + i] ) { return false; } } ``` I looked at this,...
IcingHackz (190)
HTML Link Open in a New Tab
# HTML Link Open in a New Tab #### Since when you use the `<a>` tag for links and you press on one, it will replace the webpage with where the link l...
NimaSherpa3 (21)
Repl HTML Automatic Updates
Hello, um so if you know, if you dont know, visuals studio code has extensions one of those is live server, which basically means once you save your f...
WilliamXing (6)
How do you type code using Mark down?
Brendan23 (64)
Is there a way to make ascii animation less choppy in python?
# Question so if you run the "all aboard!" you can see that the cursor moves around and it is choppy. is there a way to change it?(don't say "don't...
StevenDavis2 (28)
I love to animate! Ask me if you please!
I love to animate bitmap sprites and backgrounds! If you want me to create something for a project or something else of yours, or even if you just wan...
oddanim8s (2)
plz fix this bug
hello i need help fixing this bug in mt