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Weekly Challenge #13
TheDrone7 (1263)

Heyo replers! We just finished our third batch of weekly challenges and at the end of a month, @JDOG787 who was ranked 1st received 1 month of free hacker plan.

Today, we'll be starting yet another series of the weekly challenges and again, at the end of the month, whoever has the highest score (the total of scores of the 4 weekly challenges this month), gets 1 month of free hacker plan!

That's it for the recap, moving forward, this week's challenge is given below!


You will have to make a TODO list, it should be capable of taking new items in the list, show all items in some specific order, and delete items from the list. You can make a web based UI or a command line UI, your choice (neither will be considered better than the other)

NOTE : The ability to make the list persist among multiple runs is up to you, just a temporary list that can be accessed while running it once is enough.

Focus on functionality or design, it's your choice!


For submitting your codes for this challenge, you need to create a new post on repl talk share board and ensure that the post title contains #WEEKLY in it. The judging will go on throughout the week and as soon as the next post is made, the time window for submitting your code will end.

You can check out the last month's results here.

And that's it! Good luck with this week's weekly challenge and have fun!

dabs364 (271)

@TheDrone7 website or not? or is it your choice

TheDrone7 (1263)

@dabs364 it says it's your choice

HahaYes (1190)

Drone I have a question, how is it like to work at replit?

TheDrone7 (1263)

@HahaYes I don't work at replit, I work for replit from halfway across the world and part time.

HahaYes (1190)

@TheDrone7 ah okay. Where is your drone army?

HahaYes (1190)

almost there to surpassing Drone

HahaYes (1190)

Okay I think I will do it.

EpicGamer007 (420)

So... DO we have to finish it by next Thursday? I want to know how much time I have..

TheDrone7 (1263)

@AbhayBhat yep, you have to finish it by next thursday.

EpicGamer007 (420)

@TheDrone7, Can we make a GUI? In your description, it says we can make a "web based UI or a command line UI" so I do not know if we can make a GUI with something like Java Swing?

TheDrone7 (1263)

@AbhayBhat you can, it basically means that there aren't those restrictions anymore.

k9chelsea2 (614)

im assuming that the deadline is next thursday, also I used to be ndlforever but changed my username can k9chelsea2 replace the ndlforever username pls