PL Jam has Ended
TheDrone7 (1436)

The programming language jam has officially ended. A thanks to all those who participated. We received a total of 116 submissions! That's how many new programming languages you can now look ahead to seeing more of!

Now that the jam has ended. Here is the criteria that your submissions will be judged upon:

  • Freshness : How novel is the idea behind the language? (This holds the most weight while the rest hold equal weight.)
  • Value : How useful could this language be?
  • Polish : How polished is the language?
  • Technical : Technical difficulty, how interesting is the language for a new learner?

Note : Any changes made after the jam was over i.e. after 00:00 of Sept 1, 2020 will not be taken into account while judging.

There will be a category winner for each of the above and then there will be an overall winner who will get the 10k USD grant.

UPDATE : Sorry for the prolonged silence, there were some complication during the judging, thanks for being patient with us!

Also, thanks again for being a part of this jam and hope to see your future endeavors as well.

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Mainmenu (10)

Jams were done at 9/1, it is 10/1. I would really like even a mention like "Jugging is hard and is taking awhile" or "Something happened stand by!". Idk give us something.

firefish (761)
@Mainmenu someone who uses MM/DD/YYYY instead of DD/MM/YYYY. GET HIM!
HarperframeInc (375)

@firefish I use MM/DD/YYYY

it's actually my favorite date format

firefish (761)

@HarperframeInc But it's not the 10th of march, it's the THIRD OF OCTOBER

HarperframeInc (375)

See? Doesn't DD/MM/YYYY confuse you?

firefish (761)

@HarperframeInc No, MM/DD/YYYY confuses me, you small brain

HarperframeInc (375)

No, MM/DD/YYYY confuses me, you small brain

Oh ho ho...

It's the other way around

AJDevelopment (74)

@firefish ew a person who hates mac

firefish (761)

@AJDevelopment ew a person who hates a person who has never even touched a mac in their life except in the shops

AJDevelopment (74)

@firefish ew a person that doesn't get a joke