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katyadee (1259)

Hi everyone!

Use this space to share anything you want to share with our community - your name, where you're from, what you program in, what brought you here... whatever you're comfortable with!

Can't wait to get to know y'all.


Eliana35 (5)

Hello, I am a fairly noob coder but I found repl and was like "ok today is the day I get better at coding" and I hope I learn a lot about Python, JavaScript, and HTML.

rufus20201 (11)

i am only hear bec my school foced me to be

fishers14 (7)

@rufus20201 are u from mossbourne?

caleb13243 (3)

@InvisibleOne codings fun but why wouldn’t we just use a good coding app?

MaravelaMario (0)

@rufus20201 me too man my informatic teacher(((

fishers14 (7)

@caleb13243 From the block on kenninghall road?

InvisibleOne (2157)

Cuase replit is online so you can access you stuff from other devices, as well as the fact that there are a whole bunch of different languages you can use @caleb13243

sabrinatrixie (1)

@fishers14 omg im here from school too

fishers14 (7)

@sabrinatrixie Hello, are you from MCA or Millfields?
Millfields is right, right?

sabrinatrixie (1)

@fishers14 no actually! im from anotherschool in asia!

fishers14 (7)

@sabrinatrixie wow! I thought you were a person from millfields called sabina trixie as well (Sabina trixie I think is her real name)

fishers14 (7)

@sabrinatrixie Have to go! text if you want to talk (Please not today, very busy but tomorrow morning is great) bye!

TheC0derGirl (41)

@rufus20201 I wish! I came and usd this becuase my school was teaching stupid SCRATCH I love this :D

TheC0derGirl (41)

@Wilke000 yeah!! why are schools teaching kids useless FAKE code! just get to the good stuff!

Wilke000 (513)

YES @TheC0derGirl, scatch teaches us notn'

George0796 (30)

Hi, I'm George Rodgers!! I love to code guys :) and i also love my mummy.

RevibeIsEpic (4)

im saiko and God loves you all !

GraceYuGrace (3)

@George0796 hello as well! It's uh-nice that you uh- like your mommy! I uh-like mine as uh- well! :)

Adelidel (0)

@George0796 hehe i love my mummy too

AndrewAung11 (13)

@George0796 LOL you got 28 cycles because you include i also love my mummy in the comment. XD I have even written a tutorial and got only 6 cycles. LOL! Anyway Hello welcome from repl.it

AndrewAung11 (13)

Hey @Whippingdot you know George got 28 cycles because of his this comment. LOL XD. and Nice to see you in comment.

Whippingdot (395)

I always comment everywhere 👀 Also someone got 1000 upvotes here in the comments 😆 @AndrewAung11

Wilke000 (513)


Ozancanlayr (151)

Hello I’m from Turkiye and I’m a lazy coder without any knowledge! Greetings to all lazy people.

gatorade322 (103)

@Thinkdogeys hmm, how can you cdoe without any knoledge?

HimanshuShekha4 (46)

@Ozancanlayr Hey there I am also lazy but not Knowledgeless

coder19898 (2)

@Ozancanlayr hey i'm lazy too but i know how to code

srsly (16)

@Ozancanlayr I’m lazy too but I have some python knowledge ...

kardelenozr (1)

@Ozancanlayr hello Ozan, I'm glad to meet you.I'm lazy coder like you.

albane3012 (2)

yo i'm in class and i don't understand a shit of what i am doing @Ozancanlayr

RevolutionRadio (3)

@Ozancanlayr "You and I are not so different"

brivera2511 (2)

@Ozancanlayr hellooo lazy personn!!i am also lazy and just starting :)

ChaitanyaGaur (0)

@gatorade322 youtube uhh if you can't understand then you have to like learn some of it, well your spell is not that much correct ;-;

cherumanoj05 (0)

@Ozancanlayr hii dude same her haha lol

Lockk (5)

im still really bad at coding :/

TaibaAli10 (0)

hello fellow lazy coder xD @Ozancanlayr

AarushSsid (0)

@Ozancanlayr Hello fellow lazy person.

Lockk (5)

@Abasolos9910 well idk which language do i learn

RowanFromBJC (33)

@Ozancanlayr im lazy but with knowledge about html css js node.js python and bash

rachelflahault (5)

hiii ur fellow lAzY girl herreee

Vanton (0)

I am same but not from Terkiye

Tulip9000 (0)

@Ozancanlayr Merhaba! I'm a lazy coder too

Dogky (2)

@kardelenozr hi or shoud i say high

Dogky (2)

@AvuzwaNtshongwa did you have breafast or shoud I say beafish

rinaldipratama (0)

@Ozancanlayr me too! even Bill Gates like the lazy person haha.

falcon21 (4)

@Ozancanlayr I'm almost the opposite of u lol

goombagwa2 (1)

@gatorade322 well were here to learn, arent we?

YogiD (1)

@gatorade322 - Ha! Ha! That was a good one, @Thinkdogeys. I got to say it, I almost fell out rollin' with your comment/question.

CreativeDrone (0)

because when you look at projects in the community, you learn from them, also I thing they may be jiust learning code, that's why they are new here??

carsonouxusheng (0)

@Ozancanlayr Hewo fellow lazy person >:)

BadGirl913 (9)

I dont even know what to say to [email protected]

BadGirl913 (9)

A wise person once said "There are alot of people in the world.. but there is only ONE person who is just like YOU"@Ozancanlayr

MathyMuamba (1)

@Ozancanlayr hello fellow lazy persoon

duskky (0)

@Ozancanlayr hello im one of u ( a lazy person)

hamedbtw (0)

@Ozancanlayr hey we alr got smth in common


I can relate. Greeting to you too! @Ozancanlayr

WizardofOsborne (0)

@Ozancanlayr Greetings, fellow lazy person!

SudhanshuMishra (65)

@Ozancanlayr being lazy helps you grow your tummy body :)

EthanSmurf (0)

I am a lazy person, but lazily productive! @Ozancanlayr


@Lockk what language do you code with?

JorgeBoneu (2)

@HimanshuShekha4 Great! it should be great to be knowledgeless one day though

Aishphafiz (2)

@Ozancanlayr i am a fellow lazy person as well but decided i wanted to learn how to code.

TheC0derGirl (41)

@Ozancanlayr WELL THEY DO SAY


Lockk (5)

idk but im trying to use python [email protected]

ky9018 (0)

@Ozancanlayr hello fellow! i also do not have knowledge in coding at all xD

SashaDanda (0)

@albane3012 ThErE aRe ChIlDrEn HeRe :(

NigoKING (123)

Hi l am Nigel.l live in South Africa.l am 19. l love programming😊😎

heavyduck (32)

@NigoKING Hello! :D hope you enjoy your stay here

Kuruuu (14)

@Buscvhlaime condone yourself bro ur not picking up girls on repl.it

kavya023 (8)

haha hi, I am new too what if I say u are thirsty to HEHE @DoINURmOM

Adriaan56 (12)

I also live in South Africa, where do you live in South [email protected]

Sweetlavin (9)

Oh cool! I live sweden but I am originally fromKurdistan the country that doesn’t exist 🕷🕸@Adriaan56

waffleandcherry (9)

This is awesome! I also live in Sweden. @Sweetlavin

Adriaan56 (12)

Oh wow Sweden the place that consumes the most [email protected]

Sweetlavin (9)

That’s right! South Africa the home to the oldest meteor scar in the [email protected]

Adriaan56 (12)

Ah yes Sweden the place where meatballs were invented yet that used horse meat in [email protected]

Sweetlavin (9)

In Stockholm! The capital you [email protected]

TicklePickle1 (1)

@NigoKING i bet u hate programming u toad

DaniellePatdu (2)

Y'all are so weird. I'm from texas but I live in virginia by D.C.

SavageSpray (0)

AYE you live in north eastern virginia? @DaniellePatdu

Charles06 (0)

@Sweetlavin do you know who borat is

HimanshuShekha4 (46)



HimanshuShekha4 (46)


JessJessZ (0)

@NigoKING Hi! I'm Jess and I live in the United States. Beginning coding classes. lol

WajihahYousaf (1)

yes my g ET 😭😭😂😂@HimanshuShekha4

HannahWyse (0)

@DaniellePatdu i also live in texas!! what part?

HimanshuShekha4 (46)

@Sweetlavin I wish I lived in Africa ...... because this season sucks ... especially when u live in the northern hemisphere

HimanshuShekha4 (46)

@JessJessZ Here's something to help you ---
this is a very useful site for learning HTML , CSS and JS

HimanshuShekha4 (46)

@AreebaHaider Me , waffler ?
naaah ...........🤨🤨

coder19898 (2)

@NigoKING hey i live in India man

sameeraa (1)

@HimanshuShekha4 whoa i m gonna believe u////

AigerimOmirbaye (0)

what is the best uni in sweden?


@HimanshuShekha4 That is a very good website.

TheCount24 (0)

@Sweetlavin @waffleandcherry Land of the best Symphonic Power Metal >.<

NimaSherpa3 (21)

3 years old and I am learning python. I hope to learn Django, pygame, and more this year! I want to start freelancing as a python programmer who can make websites and games by 14 :) If anybody interested in learning along wth me it would be nice to have a friend. Thats ll thank you for taking your time on reading this, also reply if you want to become Coding Buddys / Friensd that code makes websites and games together. (Also we start free lancing payment is 50/50 so its fair :)

WriteThatDown (2)

@NimaSherpa3 cool! also you typed "3" instead of 13 so it looks like your 3


@NimaSherpa3 I want to. (FROM NEPAL)

SudhanshuMishra (65)

@NimaSherpa3 I have 0 friends on repl it and I would like to join ya
are u 3 or 13 btw I am also 13 ... always there to help | I have some experience with pygame and I am pretty good at web development ...
Just I would reccomend you that if you wanna learn game development then you should learn C# I mean thats what I think coz its easynot easier than python and high quality 😁😁 you can always invite me to your repl if you have any problem i will see if I can fix ....
here ya kick start -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UZg49z76cLw&t=3369s 😊😊

NimaSherpa3 (21)

Hey I am as well, that's nice. Happy New Years. I will invite you to a team repl okay pls accept it so you can join the team.

NimaSherpa3 (21)

I would love to be your friend, also im 13 lol. Im going to invte you to a team repl okay :) Please accept it.

Jaysc73LT1 (1)

@SudhanshuMishra Hi can i be your friend too? i just joined and I would love to build programs and websites!

Jaysc73LT1 (1)

@SudhanshuMishra i cant find where to join a team. sorry! im very new to this

Jaysc73LT1 (1)

@SudhanshuMishra i cant find where to join a team. sorry! im very new to this

SudhanshuMishra (65)

@Jaysc73LT1 oh right let me invite you ..

SudhanshuMishra (65)

@Jaysc73LT1 hmmm actually I'm not the team leader the its @NimaSherpa3 you can ask him/her although I would like you to be in our team I pinged Nima .. hey Nima can you plz add jaysc to our team ?

SudhanshuMishra (65)

@Jaysc73LT1 can you plz do a favour we are actually making this project in python so if you are not very good at it then dont worry ! use this series ~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7R-CfL21zIY&t=36s ... go through the full tutorial there are I think 3
parts in it ... just tell me when you are done :) I am always active

Jaysc73LT1 (1)

@SudhanshuMishra well darn. im on my school computer and they have youtube blocked because people were watching "suggestive" stuff on there. what is the actual title of the video? i can search it on my phone!

SudhanshuMishra (65)

@Jaysc73LT1 its title is "Python Beginner Project Tutorial #1 - Your First Python Project" there are 3 parts .. after watching all of them you will be able to help us in our projects ...tho we hav'nt started yet


Hi! @SudhanshuMishra Im turning 13 on feb 14 so my birthday is coming up very soon! Id like to be friends with you!


can you invite me aswell? owo @NimaSherpa3

SudhanshuMishra (65)

@JULIODIAZ1 hey very cool Happy'Bday in advance :) I am inviting you to my team you can join if you'd like to 😊😊

SudhanshuMishra (65)

@Jaysc73LT1 I am inviting you to my team :)

SudhanshuMishra (65)

@Jaysc73LT1 u will get a notification saying that you have been invited to a team click on that and join :D

SudhanshuMishra (65)

@JULIODIAZ1 hmm yes good Idea how about making a small python game as a first project :)

SudhanshuMishra (65)

@JULIODIAZ1 I've created a python repl join fast ...

SudhanshuMishra (65)

@LucasLovell would you like to join my team ? I've invited you :)

DrHalloween (14)

@SudhanshuMishra I'm Dr.Halloween or also known as Osmo, i'm 12 and working on a game. You mentioned you're good at Pygame... Would you know how to fix the FileNotFound error?

NimaSherpa3 (21)

Sure no worries, I will invite you welcome oto the team!

SudhanshuMishra (65)

@DrHalloween hmmm bro I can see if i would be able to fix that and I think i have faced that error anyways .. you can invite me to your repl , I will be glad to help ya !

NimaSherpa3 (21)

Hey bro, its me Nima. I was curious what's your timezone? Im from California so right now its 10:03 PM Lol, what time is it for you??? I want to know also can we setup a zoom call or a meettime when we both get on repl?

NimaSherpa3 (21)

Join the coding ream tesm repl called coding room or something. So we can chat.

SudhanshuMishra (65)

@NimaSherpa3 ohk can i join in some 5 - 10 mins i am in the middle of something actually \

NimaSherpa3 (21)

okay I be afk than for 5 - 10 minutes

LegendaryAlpha (212)

@LucasLovell, you shouldn't use repl talk unless ur 13 or above for some reason. BTW I'm 13. Ok just kidding, I won't tell my age

LaraBinth (3)

@NimaSherpa3 if ur three how r u speaking?

NimaSherpa3 (21)

Lol, I meant to say 13 apologies for the confusion

NimaSherpa3 (21)

Okay that sounds awesome, I have joined your team.

TimothyRowell (56)

@NimaSherpa3 nice lets make someting btw i'm 13yrs.

SudhanshuMishra (65)

@TimothyRowell i've also invited you to my team

NimaSherpa3 (21)

I used to but not anymore, we can talk through repl team chat, and set up a meet time :) also if you want to be my partner I'm not sure if your interested you must be 13+ with good coding skills

anki06 (0)

@LucasLovell hello do want to chat? I am looking for a friend-lol I am alone now.

NimaSherpa3 (21)

Hello, how old are you ?
Also are you good at python?

LaraBinth (3)

@NimaSherpa3 i cant join i have a school account only i can join my own meets

anki06 (0)

@NimaSherpa3 hi sorry don't want to reveal my age but I do love python but am currently in html css js

InvisibleOne (2157)

Sorry, but according to the replit TOS you need to be 13 years old, I'm afraid I'm going to have to report you!

jk I'm not going to

NimaSherpa3 (21)

Lol, I Just turned 14 a fewa days ago :)

Prankster (1205)

Hey everyone!! anyone else here who started coding due to lockdown?
Python learners please upvote and comment... Let's help each other..

Edit : as @DynamicSquid says.. Thanks Everyone to make it The Most Upvoted Comment on site... (^_^)
Can we make it Number 1 Post?

Number of times this page has been visited...



DhabyaMohamad (88)

2+ Hey everyone!! anyone else here who started coding due to lockdown?

Meria (28)

@Prankster i am trying to learn Python :/

Prankster (1205)

@DhabyaMohamad Hey budyy!! you're into pyhton too?

Prankster (1205)

@Meria That's great!! we can learn together.. :)

Prankster (1205)

@JudithDuke That's cool!! We can learn together.. :)


Hello, @Prankster

RahulChitrakar (15)

@Prankster Yup! It's been on my list for the longest time. I thought, no time like the present. Gotta keep the mind hungry for more. I wish everyone all the very best. I do hope we can help each other out!

JenniferCameron (6)

Hey, @Prankster I'm also here for Python

isolatedspace (12)

@Prankster Hey. First day learning Python.

cathmurr (6)

@Prankster Indeed I am! Had to do something to stop my relay race to the fridge out of boredom! Also want to get coding with a view to scripting....

Maraen (3)

yeap back at random coding for fun during lockdown @Prankster

nickdavison (3)

I've been thinking about learning for a while but this was the opportunity to finally jump [email protected]

Jakman (473)

@Prankster ive been programming in python 3 for about half a year. I can help beginners. Actually trying to learn Cpython now.

mamak (4)

yup.. 6 weeks lockdown hahaha now taking courses in udemy for [email protected]

Prankster (1205)

@Jakman please tell your instagram.. in case if I ever need your help..

RohitGupta29 (2)

@Prankster Great to see you and others for the common cause.Lets start the work. Good luck.

Jakman (473)

@Prankster Im sorry to inform you that i do not have an instagram.
I am an avid user of this website. Just reply to my comments whenever. Sorry.

Prankster (1205)

@Jakman No problems there! actually could u help me? I'm trying to import pygame but it's displaying an error..

Jakman (473)

@Prankster yah man. So what you can do is this.
"import os
os.system("pip install pygame")
os.system("pip download pygame")"
So this will download the pygame package by talking to the os and telling it to do so. If successful you should see that the pygame module is accessable. Contact me if this doesnt work.

Prankster (1205)

@Jakman i invited u to my repl.. plzz check.. it's still not working.. :(

Ambhar (4)

@Prankster HI! On lockdown also and starting with python language as well.

Jakman (473)

@Ambhar ill help you too. I really have nothing else to do

Jakman (473)

@Prankster hey man you still need help?

shaanbomb123 (9)

@Jakman hi jakman I saw you commented on my competition I responded but you never said anything back, please do!

Prankster (1205)

@Jakman Thank you buddy.. it's resolved now.. Pygame actually appears as a different language :)

Prankster (1205)

@Ambhar that's great!! I hope we can learn together.. ;)

roward18 (7)

Omg, me too! I love that all these people are looking to earn to code because of the quarantine. @Prankster

melybdenum (2)

@Prankster Hey! I am also starting to code because of the lockdown!! :)

CookieCoding (1)

@Prankster Hopefully! I'm completely new to this so I'm hoping to get a little bit of coding knowledge at least.

ahrimanC (0)

@Prankster Hey! Yep, me too. I thought this is the best chance to start

tehera (1)

Hey! exactly what I'm trying to do @Prankster


@Prankster I am also a Python learner .

Kawior (1)

@Prankster Hi! yep, just startin' :) Best, Kawior

ConnorStewart3 (0)

@Prankster i have just started this programme

mdhoward (1)

I finally decided to start learning with all my extra free time

JoLeung (2)

@Prankster this is one of the reasons im learning! let's do this together!

albtross (0)

@Prankster yup ....do what you want ....its sunday everyday....play supercell games the whole day...or just start learning how to make on.

Rejkan (0)

Hey, I'm Rejkan, yeah just started now as well, nice to meet you guys @Prankster


@Prankster I think it too late
But i learn in python
check out my post!

gatorade322 (103)

I have. I also upvoted you. Can you upvote me?

michael0978 (0)

@Prankster that really good thing let start

RoelThomas (0)

@Meria Me too, I am happy to learn with someone

yodude2009 (0)

me I am doing coding due to lockdown @Prankster

DJWang (1358)

@Prankster I've been coding Python 3 for a few months now. I can teach beginners.

Rubenfdez (0)

Hey, another one in the same situation¡¡@Prankster

DannyIsCoding (697)

@Prankster Looks like the python army is quite big!

TheUltim8Fyter (1)

@Prankster defenitely...its the best time to learn something of such tremendous value

JimmyLin9 (2)

Haven't made my way to Python yet. I picked up coding because of Covid as well but I started with HTML and CSS. Just finished up HTML and a little bit of CSS and inching towards JS. Scared and a bit excited! @Prankster

AbrahamCaldro1 (0)

@Prankster hey im new what do i soppused to do here

tfiljevit (1)

Me too :)) Thanks for sharing good vibes Lets do it! @Prankster

spidercat09 (0)

@Prankster i have but i did a little before but not nearly as much

AdamReardon (1)

Hi @Prankster, I'm here to learn Python too!

welly2580 (2)

Hi champ just started as well need all the help I can get @Prankster


I didn't, but I started coding more.

VenkatYashwanth (1)

yeah me @Prankster . I too started python during this lockdown.I was learning on my own by watching some you tube videos and stuff like that. I was searching for a partner so that we can learn together but no one showed up. Today i found repl and i think we can help each other

Prankster (1205)

@VenkatYashwanth Hey buddy!! where u frm? cuz we might be frm same country i guess.. :)

Prankster (1205)

@welly2580 oh u ask for it anytime mate!! :)

Prankster (1205)

@vaibhavsharma6 Hey buddy!! nice to meet someone from the same region.!! kahaan se ho?

Prankster (1205)

@tfiljevit Ohhh!! I'm in!! Let's do it!!!! ;)

Prankster (1205)

@AbrahamCaldro1 Just code! and if u land into trouble.. feel free to message me!! :)

Prankster (1205)

@JimmyLin9 That's amazing!! I too am going to try my hand at JS especially.. it's quite useful these dayzz ;)

Prankster (1205)

@DannyIsCoding Yeahh!! and the numbers aren't dead yet!! :)

Prankster (1205)

@Iliya456 Hey Iliya!! are u on instagram?

Prankster (1205)

@VenkatYashwanth I guessed it.. I'm from Jaipur! ;)

Prankster (1205)

@Iliya456 Ohkkk!! I thought we could code together.. So, being in touch was important.. But never mind.. You're into python too.. right?

Prankster (1205)

@Iliya456 Whenever u do.. make sure to tell me.. I'd love be in your following. ^_^

Iliya456 (8)

@Prankster Yeah but I a bit of an amateur

Prankster (1205)

@Iliya456 How long have you been on earth? xD..(sorry.. i just love wordplay..^_^)

Iliya456 (8)

@Prankster Hey I made a insta account its narutomaster3070 :)

Prankster (1205)

@VenkatYashwanth pleasure's all mine.. btw.. u on instagram?

Prankster (1205)

@Iliya456 I did already Iliya!.. waiting for ur reply

Verse101 (0)

@Prankster Yeah got into it recently, normally used easy drag n drop software but thought to just do it once and for all

taban1b (5)

i have always wanted to learbn coding.. this lockdown is a good opportunity.. @DhabyaMohamad

Iliya456 (8)

@Prankster Yo dude its me can you tell me how to post on insta

vaibhavsharma6 (1)

@Prankster nice to meet you too.I'm from up

Prankster (1205)

@Iliya456 Hey Iliya! sorry I was in a session.. Of course! I'll reply you on instagram.. :)

Iliya456 (8)

@Prankster I can't go on insta right now so maybe tomorrow?

TimothyAjayi (4)

@Prankster You to? I thought barely anyone was me, but the more the merrier

TimothyAjayi (4)

@Prankster I probably would have, but my cousin already tought me before

basmas (0)

yeah, lockdown and school are the two reasons.

PippDipp (0)

@Prankster Yes! you can only do nothing for so long. I could feel how my brain slowed down. I've started with Python, and I love how I can/have to problem solve. And it gives such a sense of achievement when you run whatever script and it does what you want it to do.

NeeleshwarDogra (1)

@Prankster yeah just started with python...hoping to get the best out of this lockdown

thelazyfatcat (1)

YES @Prankster I LOVE where you're going with this. Good job!

SeunPaul (0)

I've been coding before lockdown. Python @Prankster

sojs (274)

@Prankster I code about the same amount, lockdown or not.

ins1d30ut (6)

I started learning about a year and a half ago after becoming interested in CyberSecurity and wanted a career change. I am starting build more though because if the lockdown. Want to work on anything together? @DhabyaMohamad

coreyhi87 (1)

@Prankster I got back into computer learning and decided to learn python, cyber security and ethical hacking, I work full-time right now but decided to go back into computers as I am kind of good at it lol.

Lakeisha22 (0)

I just need help with type in correct [email protected]

emilyhgim (1)

@Prankster I did! I heard from my father and fell in love with it NEARLY INSTANTLY!

Duketip23 (0)

@Prankster right here. Besides making music and trying to learn Spanish I thought that learning how to code with Python would be super fun

JamesrPrince (0)

It seems this is the perfect time to learn something new. I am currently diving into Python [email protected]

MeredithMalak (0)

@DhabyaMohamad, yes1 I've started coding due to lockdown! New careerpath!

Wilke000 (513)

How did this comment get more than 200 upvotes!!???
Most posts don't even get close to that number!!!???

Prankster (1205)

@IndyCarter Haha!! Just a small demonstration of the power of Python.. xD.. were u underestimating it?

Prankster (1205)

@JamesrPrince That's great!! if u ever get stuck.. feel free to leave a msg!! :)

Prankster (1205)

@Duketip23 Yeaah!! and I'm trying my hand at German! how's it going with python?

Prankster (1205)

@emilyhgim That's the charm of it!! ;). So, how's lockdown coming along? haha!!

Prankster (1205)

@bhavika29 Nice to hear Bhavika! where u frm? like which city?

Prankster (1205)

@bhavika29 GR8!! I'm frm Jaipur.. It's code red here.. and I think I'm gonna die till this lockdown opens

Prankster (1205)

@bhavika29 If in case u r on instagram.. please let me know

Prankster (1205)

@IndyCarter or maybe it's just the beginning of my popularity! xD

bhavika29 (5)

@Prankster chill, everything's gonna be alright!

Prankster (1205)

@bhavika29 sad to hear that :( snapchat?

Prankster (1205)

@bhavika29 I hope it does soon.. cuz I've never in my house for this long.. My mum keeps kicking me out every week.. XD

Prankster (1205)

@bhavika29 Yes I do study! I'm 17 got JEE next year.. aiming for 3 digit rank..

Prankster (1205)

@DanteHealy send me ur id if u'd like to be in touch.. :)

bhavika29 (5)

Currently, I'm pursuing engineering! @Prankster

Maxwarlock1101 (5)

@Prankster I'm doing it for school, but I am already better at programming than my whole class of magnet students ♠

BrightBlackHole (1)

I am learning Python for about a year, and I have yet to learn classes. BTW I'm 10. I don't think children really learn better than adults... @Prankster

JamesrPrince (0)

@Prankster Will definitely do. Thanks

emilyhgim (1)

@Prankster :) It's all good. I love coding now. I am trying to improve!

Prankster (1205)

@bhavika29 cool! so you r already into where I wanna go! GR8!! Wish you luck!! :)

Prankster (1205)

@IndyCarter xD yeaahh sure! btw, u on instagram?

Prankster (1205)

@Maxwarlock1101 same here Max! I completed what is going being taught this whole year in last month.. Working on a management app right now when most of my classmates are stuck with for loop.. XD

Prankster (1205)

@BrightBlackHole Haha! It's alright.. You are already ahead than most of the adults.. Just keep going and if u r on instagram, feel free to msg me and I'll be glad to be of some help.. :)

Prankster (1205)

@emilyhgim Good to hear that! instagram??(just asking)

akumapraise (0)

I just started learning python..

alilly7 (0)

@Prankster Lcckdown in my grandfathers old house finally gave me the space and time to just learn all of this. Looking forward to learning with everyone.

schodges (0)

Yup...so if I say something stupid it’s probably because I don’t know a damn thing about coding. But I’m here to learn. Well, I know what a hash is now. And why I have to put in a capital letter and/or a no when I’m choosing my security codes. And why they have to be at least a certain length. Not bad for five minutes learning. @Prankster

ahmaditani (1)

@Prankster yes bro so much time wasting and fun.

chippycoder08 (16)

I used to code a lot, and then I stopped for some time, but the lockdown got me started again!

hcsaram (0)

@Prankster Hey! Same with me, here in lockdown. Got nothing much to do expect learning new programming languages, and some other studies.

MJtheGOAT (0)

Just started now, hoping this might lead to career change 😁

DanteHealy (0)

@Prankster sorry to be dense, but what do you mean by my ID? Thank you! :)

HeatherCluney (0)

Snap! curiosity got the better of me during lock down and now i really enjoy [email protected]

Prankster (1205)

@hcsaram Yeahh!! same here pal!!.. this lockdown is getting on my nerves noww..

Prankster (1205)

@schodges everybody gotta start somewhere.. U r already ahead than millions who haven't even started.. Keep up and find me if u get stuck somewhere

Prankster (1205)

@alilly7 That must be peaceful environment.. unlike mine cuz my neighbour keeps practicing his horrible singing.. Yeahh! I too look forward working with u.. :)

hussainP (0)

yea i am trying to get my hands on [email protected]

V1rusIT (0)

Hey man, I’m an Italian student and in my free time I’m learning python, where are you studying? Are you attending some courses? @Prankster

AneelB (0)

Do you like my logo?

anujchaudhary93 (0)

hey, @Prankster I am trying to learn Python :P

RubyPiec (1)

I'm trying to learn Python as a JS'er

irdeenalah (0)

@Prankster school things and hope you can teach me ayy

cjorg208 (0)

I'm also here during COVID to learn a new skill for the impending job search...looking forward to this!

Prankster (1205)

@V1rusIT Hey man! I'm a student from an Indian high school (last year)... Nope! I don't attend any courses.. errors and community are my only teachers

Prankster (1205)

@RubyPiec and I'm trying to learn JS as a python'er.. LoL😂😂

Prankster (1205)

@markuo2810 pleasure to meet u!! welcome to the python-tribe

Prankster (1205)

@irdeenalah ask me and I promise.. U won't be disappointed :)

Prankster (1205)

@cjorg208 welcome buddy!! hope u find what u desire..

Eclipse152 (0)

Just starting to learn Python today. Came from a semester of Java, and so far it seems pretty simple to understand.

Prankster (1205)

@Eclipse152 of course! for someone with knowledge of compiled languages like java... python would be a piece of cake.. ;)

RubyPiec (1)

@Prankster Haha, I could teach you a bit!

Prankster (1205)

@RubyPiec of course! I would surely reach u if i get stuck somewhere

therealperson (2)

@DhabyaMohamad yeah, i started doing python because my dad got me into it. the first language i did with coding is javascript.

Prankster (1205)

@SaranEpic started recently? I hope u njoy your stay here :)

anujchaudhary93 (0)

@Prankster I'm from Delhi, how about you?