Programming Language Jam & Grant
TheDrone7 (1335)

Update: The jam started. Read the kick-off post.


We all use different programming language for our own different reasons or purposes but all (if not most) of us find some or the other thing we don't like about the language anyways.

Now is the time to use your wildest ideas and create your own ideal language for everyone to use! We're announcing the programming language jam and a $10,000 grant to a team that designs and prototypes a new language with emphasis on fresh and possibly wild ideas. The winning language will also get added to, where anyone can quickly start using it to code. We’ll have prizes for individual category winners too.

The hackathon starts on August 10th and runs until August 31st. To enter, you have to create a Team when registration opens with a minimum of two team members. Registration will open on August 1st. To be notified when registration opens, leave your email here.


The hackathon will be judged by:

Mary Rose Cook - whose language experimentation spans toy Lisp interpreters to programming environments for kids.

Jordan Walke - the creator of React.js and the Reason programming language.

TBD: we're looking for more judges. Specifically people who are interested in wild programming language ideas. Reach out to on Twitter or via E-Mail ([email protected]) to apply as a judge.


Check out the blog post for details

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skiscratcher (2)

I really want to make a language for the console inspired by JS, but I can't figure out flex and bison

Highwayman (1357)

@skiscratcher you don't necessarily have to use flex and bison, you in fact might even have an easier time just writing out the lexing code yourself. I'm sure if you think carefully you could do it easily enough. We would all be delighted to see your creation, flex- and bison- ified or not. :)

Highwayman (1357)

oh! I almost forgot: what is it you are having trouble with within figuring out the two? maybe one of us can help. @skiscratcher

DynamicSquid (3607)

@Highwayman i dont think repl supports flex or bison

Highwayman (1357)

you can donwload it(ive done so before...)@DynamicSquid

skiscratcher (2)

@Highwayman Sorry, should've phrased that better. I want to use them but I'm having a hard time figuring them out

Highwayman (1357)

Is it just like the docs are confusing or...what?

firefish (555)

@DynamicSquid Repl DOES support lex/flex and yacc/bison. I did it