katyadee (1259)
🐶Introduce yourself! 🐶
Hi everyone! ![waving](https://storage.googleapis.com/replit/images/1561489787610_61c528ae0267ed2696f0c625ff66db6c.gif) Use this space to share anyt...
mat1 (4363)
Repl Talk Rules and Guidelines [README]
# **Rules** The Repl.it community is a place for users to share code, ask questions, and discuss coding-related subjects. We're committed to making i...
TheDrone7 (1628)
Monthly Repls - January 2021
Hey there replers, we back at it again! Here are this month's **MONTHLY REPLS**! For those who do not know what these are, these are the repl talk pos...
EpicGamer007 (1471)
Console Chess - The result of 3 months of hard work - ♟️
# Chess This is a console chess game written in java. * Removing pieces * Moving pieces * Castling * En passant * Checkmate and Checks * Draws* ###...
zaman75734 (1)
It is a simple snake and fruit game. First you should double click on the game widget before start. Snake is moved by using arrow keys. If there is an...
codingjlu (6)
How come code doesn't work on repl but works on other platforms?
I'm trying to create a ChatBot in the console. If the ChatBot doesn't know how to answer a question, the ChatBot will ask the user how to answer it. T...
EpicGamer007 (1471)
Java && The ultimate tutorial to get you started
# Java ULTIMATE Tutorial #### By @EpicGamer007 formerly known as @AbhayBhat I am sure that there are many people who want to learn java either for c...
HimanshuShekha4 (46)
headiscoding (941)
A Tic Tac Toe game!
In the comments, please rate it out of 10. Thanks you!
amaddentcsec (206)
JavaSocial - Social media system!!!
## Thank you to: @AbhayBhat otherwise known as @EpicGamer007 for the amazing database!!! @Coder100 for showing me how to add multiple databases! ## No...
ZachEarly (0)
I need to make the boolean discount true when the name is Mike or Diane. I need to make it so that it will be the right crust that the user input ever...
AstOwOlfo (249)
How to Code Minecraft Plugins!
# **How To Code a Minecraft Plugin** *** After many years of waiting, today I can officially announce that Minecraft Plugin Development has come to re...
bbarghothi (3)
Are you brain dead?
Find out if you are a functioning member of society by taking my quiz :)
AlysonTrindadeF (6)
Trabalho da disciplina de Linguagens de Programação II - IFNMG Diamantina
Professor: Alyson Trindade Fernandes Objetivo: Construir um sistema de cadastro para uma biblioteca com as tabelas Aluno, Livro e Empréstimo. Obser...
that1cutegirl (3)
im new
https://repl.it/join/qlgfkyad-that1cutegirl Im new and dont know what to do so could sombody join and help me out?
amaddentcsec (206)
JavaCraft V1.0 - Minecraft clone
### Welcome to JavaCraft! JavaCraft is a Minecraft clone using text to represent blocks and the player. It's set in a 2d world. The current features a...
rohitbasu (58)
Live COVID-19 Tracker for the USA
Live COVID-19 Tracker for the USA for Devpost
Dawson313 (0)
How can i make the print line statements be put in a method that will change 1 to 2 and that new 2 two a three when the method is called again and the...
EpicGamer007 (1471)
#WEEKLY 17 || Fibonacci Sequence WITH NO LOOPS OR RECURSION!
# #WEEKLY 17 || Fibonacci Sequence WITH NO LOOPS OR RECURSION! This weekly challenge was a toughie. We had to use *no loops or recursion* to get th...
adsarebbbad (213)
First GUI!
after a lot of tutorials and a lot of google searches, i made my first gui!
amaddentcsec (206)
JavaChat V1.0 - Chatroom!
V1.0 there are some bugs lol first of all messages show up alphabetically instead of chronologically and you cannot use ANY symbols other than letters...
procoder165 (133)
colorful double helix
was bored again in class so I decided to make this.
Funkus (239)
Procedural Map Generation v1.01 || Update!!!
# Hello! I'm back with a `cool project` It's a map generator in java using the Perlin noise algorithm # Map Generator Update: - Now snow/ ice ca...
JavaTime (0)
Java coders, why am I getting this error?
So I am pretty good at python but for a class that I have to take next year I need to start learning Java. I know it won't be easy to learn an entirel...
Emlyn908 (19)
MAZE A 'textbased' maze walker by Sam and Emlyn. It's a basic and primitive game, but is cool nonetheless. It has little content, but I am happy how i...
EpicGamer007 (1471)
My fake OS(Like) thing called MyCMD V 1.3
# MyCMD V 1.3 has been released. This is actually based the latest version of [TextAPL](https://repl.it/talk/share/TextAPL-V-13-Alpha/37042) and I mad...
HappyLunchBox (51)
My first "project" in java
So yeah, I started with python, and I just started my java classes today. Here is a little project I made. It's just a basic guess the number game....
Wilburthecoder (13)
Similar Word Finder
This is my first project using __BufferedReader__ and __BufferedWriter__. It finds words with similar letters to the word you entered.
NicholasSutin (0)
anyone know how to convert this into python or something? i need it to work if it can lol
>>> p = Ether(dst="80.808.080.8:8080", src="", type=0x800) >>> p /= IP(src="80.808.080.8:8080",dst="80.808.080.8:8080") >>> p/= ICM...
LewisForbes (3)
Creates random wordsearches with words relating to a given topic.
HiPeople844 (19)
Welcome one and welcome all to my very first game that is made with Java! I hope you enjoy!
EpicGamer007 (1471)
ReplDBManager || A Java Client For ReplDB
# ReplDBManager V 1.0 ReplDBManager is a client for replers to use to easily manage the Database in their java repl project. #### This was created b...
amaddentcsec (206)
# Game: This game was based off of the original tablet game which closed this year. This project is not complete yet, but I am posting it to see if I...