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mat1 (3256)
Repl Talk Rules and Guidelines [README]
# **Rules** The Repl.it community is a place for users to share code, ask questions, and discuss coding-related subjects. We're committed to making i...
katyadee (1192)
🐶Introduce yourself! 🐶
Hi everyone! ![waving](https://storage.googleapis.com/replit/images/1561489787610_61c528ae0267ed2696f0c625ff66db6c.gif) Use this space to share anyt...
TheDrone7 (989)
Monthly Repls - June 2020
Hello again replers, its a new month and that means... YES! It's time for monthly repls! And for those who do not know what these are, these are the r...
nk1rwc (43)
Sabotage the Fireworks (4TH OF JULY SPECIAL!!!)
This is a small text based game celebrating the 4th of July. You basically you are a teenager who wants to stop the spread of coronsvirus by sabotagi...
johnstev111 (229)
What should I code?
# What should I code? Your ideas. Console Games preferably, I'm not that good at JS, very good at HTML and CSS though. Also something that involves a...
johnstev111 (229)
The 100-cycle-cyclone IS OUT!
Finally... Literally after 2 weeks, have I been able to release this. Boy, have I been patient. This is my cyclone game! If you've actually tried to s...
AmazingMech2418 (655)
π in C#
I think I'm pretty much doing pi approximations in every language now, so, here it is in C#! Here are the other approximations so far: Bash - https:/...
johnstev111 (229)
100-cycle-cyclone: coming soon!
###### This was meant to be my 50-cycle-cyclone but... anyway back to the point. ###### There is also the repl here because you may want to see the de...
CSharpIsGud (436)
A Browser Engine Written In C#🔥 (Yes, it's real)
A real albeit simplistic browser engine! Due to the pains of parsing html, and my laziness to not want to go through the process of making a JS inter...
johnstev111 (229)
I found a bug in repl.... but nobody wants to believe me
I sent an empty message (it contained a blank unicode character)to @HahaYes , and he said I 404ed him. I DID NOT! Here is the message: ![image](https:...
CSharpIsGud (436)
Dynamic C# JSON Parsing Library
This is a wrapper over my original JSON parser. It makes it incredibly easy to use and you could even say it gets close to how you would use it in a t...
Adventure game!
I started developing a new game! She is now in Beta 0.1. You can look and tell me whether it is worth continuing to do it and whether this is a good i...
TheForArkLD (607)
StackLangSharp - Stack-based programming language
I maked Stack-Based Reverse Polish Notation Programming Language. Written by C#. Hello World : ~~~sls "World" "Hello" PA ~~~ 1+1 : ~~~sls 1 1 + . ~~...
johnstev111 (229)
Start a game in C#!
"HahaNo™" - Copyright Firefish company, stolen from @HahaYes and @DynamicSquid This is a simple template to make an easy game! Inspired by @Bookie0 '...
SixBeeps (2289)
ATOM - a game based on the periodic table
Hi all! I've been working on a game called ATOM. The goal of the game is to discover all of the elements of the periodic table in as few moves as pos...
eduardodavinci (15)
Password generator
All you have to enter the length of the password you want and my program will take care of the rest
PixelBitez (176)
Dragon Eye RPG
This is an RPG made for the AI competition. The game is intelligent by generating a story and determining enemy moves. # About Dragon Eye is a termin...
SixBeeps (2289)
JAM #9 Entry - Replication
Replication is a game where you have to survive two weeks without getting COVID-19. More info about the game can be found on the Help section.
SixBeeps (2289)
What is Bytecode?
(For this guide, let's assume we're talking about either Java or C# just to keep things simple) Bytecode is not something that is often talked about...
TheForArkLD (607)
Stekovaya 0.4.0 - Update
# **Stekovaya update!** Ok, i added array. ~~~stk 1 2 3 3 "array" ARR array-0 MSG ~~~ This will print 1. Usage : ~~~stk size name ARR REM Can access...
eduardodavinci (15)
All the instructions are in the application
DeaconBurgess (74)
fun thingy
a c# project that I made for fun
TheForArkLD (607)
Stekovaya - Stack-based programming language (2nd big update)
# **First** ---- Stekovaya Beta2 released! # **Wait. what is stekovaya?** ---- Stekovaya(Stack-based in Russian language) is stack-based programming...
AdriaDonohue (53)
Plz Help me i need ideas for this
So ive been bord so i started making this game.But i need ideas.if you have good ideas,ill give you cycles,and invite you to the code
TheForArkLD (607)
Stekovaya - stack-based programming language
# **First** ---- Stekovaya Beta1 released! # **Wait. what is stekovaya?** ---- Stekovaya(Stack-based in Russian language) is stack-based programming...
SofieMLPA (4)
what does "Unexpected symbol 'Console'" mean?
i am trying to make a survey, and it won't run. And what is main cs?
SixBeeps (2289)
Code just stopping without any message
Hi y'all, This is a new one for me. In the Repl, line 20 is being run, but line 22 is not, meaning that somewhere in my code, the runtime is stopping...
AdriaDonohue (53)
Warriors game-need help with coding
So far me and @liamdonohue have done good but its going really slowly and I'm almost out of ideas.Its a kit to leader game and my first c# game.
CSharpIsGud (436)
A semi-functional Lua Interpreter!
Very buggy but it indeed works and all the parsing and interpreting is done by hand and with love. if statements, while loops, variables, and limited...
awesome10 (194)
My first C# project!
this is my first C# project, thanks to @Coder100 for helping me with a problem I was having!
DisclaimedGoat (11)
Simple Crafting Game
This is just a simple game where you combine elements and other items to create other items that can possible be crafted with again. Please excuse th...
TheForArkLD (607)
CertAPI-Sharp Released!
# **CertAPI-Sharp** ---- I made an application for Windows, Linux and other OS's. CertAPI-Sharp is written in C#! Use CertAPI-Sharp in the console! Yo...
AdriaDonohue (53)
LolKit The Courage Inspirering Kit
This is a incourageing program to lighten up your day! If you like it then vote up plz