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mat1 (3256)
Repl Talk Rules and Guidelines [README]
# **Rules** The Repl.it community is a place for users to share code, ask questions, and discuss coding-related subjects. We're committed to making i...
katyadee (1192)
🐶Introduce yourself! 🐶
Hi everyone! ![waving](https://storage.googleapis.com/replit/images/1561489787610_61c528ae0267ed2696f0c625ff66db6c.gif) Use this space to share anyt...
TheDrone7 (989)
Monthly Repls - June 2020
Hello again replers, its a new month and that means... YES! It's time for monthly repls! And for those who do not know what these are, these are the r...
ChezTacoz (250)
Tower of Hanoi Calculator
This program is for when your playing Tower of Hanoi. You just have to input the number of rings on the tower to find the fastests solution using this...
DynamicSquid (1968)
Terrain Generation
**YES** **Yes @HahaYes Yes Haha YES** I-I don't know why I did that... --- Anyway, here's some terrain generation for you guys! Green is land, blue...
theangryepicbanana (1598)
The L Programming Language
# The L Programming Language This is a programming language that I made as my final project for my CS class this past year (for those of you who are c...
StudentFires (327)
Calculating π ... C++ Style :·)
So, surely you've **all** seen #LizFoster's attempts at calculating *π*, I'm here to do the exact some thing. I take great honor in introducing to yo...
LizFoster (592)
Yay! With the help of my friend @AmazingMech2418, I have learned the basics of C++! Obviously the first thing I made was a π approximation program! I...
DynamicSquid (1968)
700 Cycle Special
This was way harder than I thought. So for my 700 cycles special, I thought I'd making something like @CodingCactus 500 cycle special, but just with...
DynamicSquid (1968)
Guys I think I broke C++
Take a look at the code (line 10). It works. Yes, there may be warnings, but that still means the code works! And to prove it works, I printed "Hello...
CSharpIsGud (436)
HTTP Server Library in C++
This is a small single-file header-only HTTP library for C++! ***REMEMBER THIS WONT WORK FOR HTTPS*** Simply copy **htpp.hpp** to your project and i...
Viper2211 (54)
My First C++ program
I just started learning C++ (partially because of @HahaYes 's tutorial) and this is what I have learned so far. And remember to upvote if you liked it...
SilentShadowBla (538)
SHORT C++ Tutorial Pt1: The Basics
This may be a little confusing for some people... Short Tutorial on the [The Basics] of C++. Hope you enjoy! FULLSCREEN [HERE](https://C-tut-pt1.sil...
CSharpIsGud (436)
Python Compiler
A real python compiler! For now it only supports a small amount of the syntax. This compiler compiles python directly to C, which then gets compiled...
HahaYes (903)
Really messy C++ Code
Can anyone give me any tips on how to write cleaner code? Not just for C++ but really any language. (But I mainly write C++)
DynamicSquid (1968)
I Made my Own Data Type (C++)!
It's called "dsq::squid". The namespace "dsq" stands for "dynamic squid". If you want to see how I created this, take a look at the attached repl. Als...
GraceVenis (3)
Why is my output printing like this?
This program has a class called Person, a vector of type Person, and an input file that populates the vector. There's not much left to do with this c...
GumballDumball (0)
Exit status?
Whenever I try to run my code it just ends up as Exit Status 4 or 5. Please help me and fix my code. Thanks. Edit: My code is supposed to be when the...
CSharpIsGud (436)
C++ Chat Room!
A chat room server written in C++! Doesn't use websockets, I could not find a good websocket library that didn't require tons of dependencies like op...
baolinchang (5)
Please help! It says undeclared Identifier and IDk how to fix it.
Hello! I am fairly new to using classes in C++ and I was trying to do me.printsummary but it comes out as an error because it says there is an undecla...
ShuDon (5)
Program for calculating the trapezoid field
GraceVenis (3)
How do you loop a convert string? C++
This code simply prints the word-form of any number. However, I am having an issue with the output of the larger numbers. If you run my code, you will...
adhvaiththurvas (29)
Simulator of Spread of COVID-19
Hi guys, This is my first post. I was looking at the news (with coronovirus spreading and mass panic ensuing) and decided to make a little simulator o...
DynamicSquid (1968)
Standard Template Library (C++)
## Introduction If you are a student like me, then most likely your school has been closed due to ~~bad weather~~ Coronavirus. That means that you ha...
finlay44111 (39)
Machine learning neural network
A machine learning neural network i have been working on
Funkus (39)
First C++ Program
umm... This is my first and ~~last~~ C++ Program... Hope y'all like it. It is a number guessing ~~game~~ interactive program. ###### If you like i...
greninja1357 (24)
train your pet
in this game you can create a pet and train it to be a strong warrior as you fight to the top
ChimaNwosu1 (6)
Palindrome checker
Checks to see if its a palindrome or not
GraceVenis (3)
C++ Program Assignment HELP
I need some help with this assignment! I have attached my code from my previous assignment that writes a program that will accept a number up to 3 dig...
RomeroSchwarz (267)
A Text Editor in the C++ Console
I've been learning c++ recently, and decided to take on a text editor. Using the input method that I explained [here](https://repl.it/talk/learn/Detec...
AmazingMech2418 (655)
π in C++
I think I'm pretty much doing pi approximations in every language now, so, here it is in C++! I wasn't initially planning on doing C++, but then real...
7outofBLIP (4)
For @TheDrone7 's WEEKLY challenge #6.
StudentFires (327)
Not a submission for the 6th weekly challenge hosted by Drone7.