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mat1 (3343)
Repl Talk Rules and Guidelines [README]
# **Rules** The community is a place for users to share code, ask questions, and discuss coding-related subjects. We're committed to making i...
TheDrone7 (1335)
Monthly Repls - September 2020
Hey there replers, we made it through one more month *again* so it is time again for the **MONTHLY REPLS** (I know these are a bit too late so sorry a...
21natzil (1134)
Achievement Hunting Club!
'Aight! Welcome to the Wilderness. Here you'll find giant bugs, massive robots, and a place to code. If you and your friends want to conquer t...
katyadee (1223)
🐶Introduce yourself! 🐶
Hi everyone! ![waving]( Use this space to share anyt...
TheDrone7 (1335)
PL Jam Results!
# PL Jam RESULTS! ​ The wait is officially over! In July 2020, we announced a codejam asking you to develop a language between Aug 10 and Aug 31. Afte...
DarkswordsmanJG (8)
Playing Part 1
This is story text game in which you have to survive. I think this is a good story. I am still learning to code C++ so please tell me if anything goes...
CSharpIsGud (595)
How and why to use threading in C++
Have you heard of multithreading and just wish you could make your programs faster? Well... unfortunately just using threads is not enough, you have t...
PJRocha (0)
Blackjack Calling Functions and passing variables
I've run into an issue calling my BLACKJACK_WINNER function, I've set it to call the player hand but I'm having an issue calling the computer hand. Pl...
pepyth0n (0)
I would like to print all the elements in my array.
At the moment I am using a for-loop but it only prints out the hexadecimal values eg: 0x606230
DynamicSquid (3606)
4 languages that can kill themselves
4 files, each with a different language. Each file will call the next file, and then commit die. Like this: ``` **main.cpp** run kill itself...
CSharpIsGud (595)
This is one part of a web browser I am writing in C++, expect to see more of these when I complete the others. This is far from complete, so you shou...
Glare (228)
Tic Tac Toe In C++ *UPDATED*
Hello everyone. I just wanted to make a short (ok... maybe not that short) tutorial about how to make a simple text based tic tac toe game in C++. So,...
Glare (228)
Check Out My Tic Tac Toe Game In C++
Just a small project I've been working on. I have also made a tutorial about this topic. I appreciate any feedback/questions!
JustAWalrus (1145)
C++ FULL Begginners Course!
# C++ FULL Beginners Course. Hello, I am @Wuru and this is my C++ FULL Beginners Course. I know @HahaYes already did one but I wanted to do a more i...
JasonLiu19 (2)
Turn-Based RPG
A turn-based rpg. The "Die" move kills you, added for testing. You can only play 4 phases! There is a bug where the health does not update, and there...
elucent (29)
![basil_large]( # The Basil Programming Language Hel...
Thehappysquid (49)
My first c++ program
I just learned some c++ I will use switches soon.
PJRocha (0)
First question always reads as incorrect
As the title reads, the input to the first question is always read as wrong. I've tested with both correct and wrong answers, caps and no caps. I thin...
chrisaycock (23)
[Empirical]( is a language for time-series analysis. It has builtin Dataframes (tables) and integrated queries. It's fu...
PJRocha (0)
Blackjack Game, User Hand Errors (SOLVED)
I am working on making a Blackjack game and I am having issues with the players hand. 1. I have the card dealing set to random so it should draw a ran...
xxpertHacker (390)
Calculating π ... C++ Style :·)
So, surely you've **all** seen #LizFoster's attempts at calculating *π*, I'm here to do the exact some thing. I take great honor in introducing to yo...
DynamicSquid (3606)
Terrain Generation
**YES** **Yes @HahaYes Yes Haha YES** I-I don't know why I did that... --- Anyway, here's some terrain generation for you guys! Green is land, blue...
LizFoster (606)
Yay! With the help of my friend @AmazingMech2418, I have learned the basics of C++! Obviously the first thing I made was a π approximation program! I...
theangryepicbanana (1630)
The L Programming Language
# The L Programming Language This is a programming language that I made as my final project for my CS class this past year (for those of you who are c...
xxpertHacker (390)
Overloading std::wostream operator << doesn't work
I created a template overload for the std::wostream operator to work on a vector type to print it like a JavaScript array: `[ Vector[0], Vector[1], .....
tsunami21 (7)
School Simulator Game!
# School Simulator! Hello! This is the first project I'm sharing! It is a game made in c++, and it is inspired by @Snowytrack and @JonahElias...
Terra361 (0)
Why doesn't nCurses work on my repl?
I am using the nCurses library on my project. I am trying to generate pixels in the console, but all I get when I run the code is `Undefined reference...
xxpertHacker (390)
C++ Why is the result of vector arithmetic causing an unsigned overflow?
I have a simple algorithm which is defined as the summation of this expression: ``` (!(x & (1 << i - 1)) + ...) ``` where `x` is a constant number,...
pbear (8)
Brainfuck Interpreter in C++
Simple Brainfuck/bf interpreter in C++.
maxyang (77)
If you use C++, you know that you can COMPLETELY ABUSE SET to finish this weekly challenge. Sets are containers, but all of their elements have to be...
LilBoi3689 (3)
✌️ Introduce Yourself ✌️
Hello. Here are some things you should know about me. Pronouns: them, they. Age: ...dunno, 1628? Brain-dead level: 217 Existence on Earth: Dunno, just...
Epraim (0)
Boolean and flag
Does anyone know how to write a boolean flag and can you break it down to me? please and thank you i am just 11 learning so thing can get hard.
CSharpIsGud (595)
HTTP Server Library in C++
This is a small single-file header-only HTTP library for C++! ***REMEMBER THIS WONT WORK FOR HTTPS*** Simply copy **htpp.hpp** to your project and i...
DavidShen2 (55)
Calculator in C++ - Now supporting temp conversions!
Hi all, # Why? I just happened to be scrolling through my repls and happened to see this repl that I worked on for a while when I was just learning C+...
TibluM89 (0)
Ex:1.1: Hello World
#include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { int* numItemsPointer; int numItems; cin >> numItems; /* Your solution goes here...