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$10,000 grand prize
mat1 (3343)
Repl Talk Rules and Guidelines [README]
# **Rules** The community is a place for users to share code, ask questions, and discuss coding-related subjects. We're committed to making i...
TheDrone7 (1335)
Monthly Repls - September 2020
Hey there replers, we made it through one more month *again* so it is time again for the **MONTHLY REPLS** (I know these are a bit too late so sorry a...
21natzil (1134)
Achievement Hunting Club!
'Aight! Welcome to the Wilderness. Here you'll find giant bugs, massive robots, and a place to code. If you and your friends want to conquer t...
katyadee (1223)
🐶Introduce yourself! 🐶
Hi everyone! ![waving]( Use this space to share anyt...
TheDrone7 (1335)
PL Jam Results!
# PL Jam RESULTS! ​ The wait is officially over! In July 2020, we announced a codejam asking you to develop a language between Aug 10 and Aug 31. Afte...
sourcerose (11)
#### Hello, Replers! Have you ever wanted a **Blog** to present your Cool Projects? Lucky Day for you, I am showing just that in this Post!! First off...
CSharpIsGud (595)
VolantOS - An operating system made with Volant (Check the jam section)
Okay, so I'm sure you have all seen **[ReplOS](** a while back. I decided to...
damiascripting (0)
Working OS On
You Must Use GitHub To Run It On [Click Here]( To Go To The GitHub Project # BIG NOTE: Make Sure Yo...
AmazingMech2418 (910)
How To Make a Basic OS
# How To Make a Basic OS ## Introduction In this tutorial, I will not teach you how to make a bunch of if statements in Python or Node.js or Java, b...
JujharSinghKFX (82)
**DISCLAIMER: We are aware the language is not finished. But we wanted to submit at _least_ something!** # SeamLang (Seam) ## Foreword It’s been a r...
Coder100 (8629) Spook Night
# Spook Night spook night is a *spooky* event in **Halloween**... ## About It's 2020, we can't Trick-or-Treat, but we can do *one thi...
sourcerose (11)
For Loop Bash
Hi, Im probz really dumb. Help me out here please :)
RobertFurr (55)
Weeding Simulator Beta V7!
**It's here!** Beta V7 of my game Weeding Simulator This version is very polished compared to V6. **CHANGELOG** **Change between color mode and no c...
AmazingMech2418 (910)
HelloWorld OS!
# HelloWorld OS Welcome to HelloWorld OS! This is a basic operating system written entirely in NASM x86 Assembly that prints text! This is my first...
0x544D (32)
ALIENS - PL (ALS) , Aliens can also code !
# Aliens PL (ALS) #### Aliens Can also code **Made By** @AdilELMERZOUGUI @Jamal1998 @MahmoudOmrani @0x544D ![image](
ApoorvSingal (73)
# Volant Volant is a general-purpose data-oriented high-level programming language with a focus on speed, power, asynchronicity, and concurrency. Vola...
TheForArkLD (716)
Ansi 256(Two-hundred-fifty-six) colors Image Format
# **ATIF** ## **What is this?** This is image format, like bitmap(bmp). ## **Good points and bad points** Good points! 😄 - Small image size - **A...
egordorichev (18)
I've been doing gamedev for a while now, and I've done a ton of programming in Lua because of this. Lua is great, it's highly hackable and super fast,...
Lost0Soul (100)
Hello world! Current target: 100 languages!
Hey there, according to [this site](,...
ktango (11)
# Pebble Pebble has been described (by one of us) as an arcane amalgamation of Python and JavaScript. We hope that's not true (but we'll buy ourselve...
CSharpIsGud (595)
The best and most common judge remarks from the jam.
Here is a list of what I think were the best judge remarks ***[Plurality]( *** `Honestly I have no...
FluidCycling (60)
Hey guys.... I just started devving to make an OS but it has an error called .exit status1
Hey guys.... I just started devving to make an OS in Bash with the help of [Amazing Mech's tutorial of making an OS](
jha929 (1)
How to change default language for custom REPL?
This screenshot below shows that my project's default language is bash but I want to make it python. Is there a way to do that? ![Screen Shot 2020-10...
Mashpoe (13)
The Heck Programming Language
# The Heck Programming Language I think the best way to demonstrate what's cool about heck is to just show some working code: ``` func factorial(num...
ridark (90)
Help (if you want to) plz [Update: Lexer - working!]
OK, so to start, a *while* ago I asked anyone if they would help with my ~~new~~ programming language - and ppl did. But the outcome was pretty much j...
systemctl (17)
The best web proxy on [ probably ]
i did a little poking around and found people were trying to get node unblocker (a web proxy to bypass censorship) to run on but they weren't...
GabeEE (4)
Compiling issues
Going back to my original question on if it was possible to run wine on repl, I managed to successfully compile the configure file. However, the makef...
JordanDixon1 (354)
The Only Unblocker You Need!
# Unblocker V3 The final, most efficient unblocker on Just hit run and it will open immediately. This is probably the fastest unblocker on r...
CSharpIsGud (595)
ReplOS - A *REAL* Operating System on!
With pure C and Assembly. This is very quirky, I had to change a lot of stuff moving it onto replit. Due to the way I did gdt setup and other things...
RohilPatel (1216)
Apple Music Discord Rich Presense
# Discord Rich Presence for Apple Music and iTunes [Download for your operating system]( ## Installat...
ineshbose (29)
Blackjack on your terminal!
I developed the famous card game BLACKJACK with a command-line interface. I used C++ to develop this and while the code is not that complex, I believe...
Evanlicious (78)
Web Unblocker
After consulting with a guy who had a 3 line version of something that was on the blog, I discovered that I could convert it to one line. So,...
Coder100 (8629)
CookeyLang's BIGGEST enemy
# Gnal_yekooc Gnal_yekooc goes against *everything* CookeyLang stands for *and more*! ## About It uses snake_case and does not look like C, JS, or an...
DungeonMaster00 (131)
A Beginner's Crash Course on Dlang
# A Beginner's Crash Course on Dlang **Unfortunately for us, it is hard to make a D repl. Luckily, @CodeLongAndPros and @StudentFires released a [temp...
leon332157 (174) Un-official Desktop App 2.0
## Download [Here]( ### Introduction Hey everyone, this is Leon, and I'm proud to be rel...