Language jam
Programming Language Jam
$10,000 grand prize
lclarkejhdf (12)
Minesweeper (Game Jam Edition)
# Background This is just something I originally made when I was bored during free periods at college when I had nothing to do; it started with a bas...
21natzil (1133)
Weekly Repls #13
Hello everyone! Little late but do not fear! man is here! By the way, how do you guys pronounce Do you say repEL or repUL? Comment b...
kbadrinath_tcsp (215)
A question
So this may seem kind of dumb but this was just a project I was randomly coding for fun. I am definitely missing some error in the code, but I can't f...
If you were able to go on a vacation ANYWHERE where would you go and why?
tsana (47)
miles to km converter
It is an easy way to convert miles to km.Enjoy
NoahJospeh (9)
Hi, I've been working on this game with @Muffinlavania and @OlauPla, and we have a file called "", but at the bottom of "", when it im...
JosephSanthosh (1183)
Learn Python NOW!!!!
This is the best tutorial for learning Python the world's most used programming language.
Jovantri (3)
How to unconnect github account from Version Control feature
I want to unconnect my github account from Version Control feature, but how :/
RashmikaPerera1 (1)
What is wrong with this??
Pls help me figure out why this code dosen't run.
oliverosz (19)
Command Line Arguments
Hello! Is it possible to use command line arguments in C/C++ repls? I'm working on examples to use in the classroom, and is good for many thin...
alexeboy (26)
Pokemon Game 2.0
This is a WIP Pokemon game. Warning: Only Attacking Moves Work (Tackle), DONT use growl, it will probably crash. I would appreciate feedback and how...
CodeLongAndPros (1363)
My discord bot.
Today, I made a discord bot. You use it by entering any text, prefixed with ```wolfram://```, and it looks it up in the Wolfram|Alpha database. Do not...
Alois (13)
Using .env files as a key or saves? Really need help on this one!
Hey guys! I've been trying to make a program called micropy (originally from another device, but recreating it completely) that has many mini featur...
GoodCoderBadBoy (2)
Is there a way of making an 'Repeat until input'?
I'm making a game in python and I'm aiming for a title screen similar to the original Super Mario Bros I know how to make the "press enter to start" f...
aneesj (5)
3x3 Table
I have created a 3x3 table by using turtle. By the way, how do you change the colour of the line. If anyone has the answer please comment below.
Orange541 (4)
Flappy Bird JavaScript
This is just the most basic version of flappy bird that I made sometime ago. If you like it, then please write in the comments.
DeaconBurgess (74)
I wonder what would happen if I coded in Would beable to keep on making repl.its?
DamDanielDaniel (2)
I am trying to make a working corana virus model with social distancing
I was wondering if there was a feature so if you select a line of text that repeats often in the code you can change all of them at once (NOT a variab...
i'm planning to do a 24h coding marathon. What are some coding ideas?
So, what are some ideas? I don't have many right now
ExtremelyGood (5)
My connect four game
Just a simple connect four-game, nothing that special. It took a long time and it's 100 lines so yeah. :)
BD103 (24)
#WEEKLY Programming Language Recommendation System (PLRS)
# PLRS #### Programming Language Recommendation System PLRS is a fully customizable program to help you find a coding language that you might love! It...
ClumsyKitty0 (2)
Block Adventure
My first ever platformer. And my first post! I will keep adding levels, but right now there are 8. The controls are wad and r restarts the program. Yo...
agrimgupta (0)
so how does it work?
i can only make some colorful shapes till now.
KobeFF (436)
What's going wrong?????
ok homies so i made this thingy called math tutor as you all know, and it's supposed to solve math problems to make life easier for me, but it's gone...
poetaetoes (284)
My Repls
Hi, when i finished a repl, I wanted to share it, but it wasn't on the list of the repls they want me to share. How do you get it on the list?
SchoolRoomTeam (0)
SchoolRoom [Beta Phase] - Incomplete
SchoolRoom: where education meets technology
Derpchest (5)
is Javascript actually hard to learn?
There is BS floating on the internet saying that JS is hard, or it's easy. I'm getting mixed statements. so is it actually hard to learn?
luffy223 (6)
hi turtle then a turtle so this is my first turtle thanx for every turtle hi my tuttle
realTronsi (222)
How do Ports Work in repl?
How do ports work in repl? The other day I tried forking one of my applications into repl for some testing purposes, but ports don't seem to work the...
VishruthBhat1 (0)
THIS IS MY SPACE BLOG!! I have just started to learn coding and... this is what i made!!