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Programming Language Jam
$10,000 grand prize
EdwardKazmiersk (5)
Simple Calculatior!!!
This is my first repl! Hope you enjoy! This is just a simple calculator!
JulianAddison (4)
Shortcut to run a line of code
Hi, Is there a shortcut to run a line of code. The run button triggers the script but i'd like to run a line.
SpicedSpices (265)
A Gravity Based Shooter Game with Space Spiders #BJGJ
This game I made is for the @bramley game jam that was hosted. I made this by creating a gravity simulation and adding space spiders, shooting, and a...
AProgrammer (23)
Internships / Jobs
Where are you guys located, and would you be interested in ever doing things like internships for new software engineers?
maddie888ng (1)
why is does the individuals in the population become the same
I am making GA and after a few generations, all my new generations become the same. Although they have to change because of the crossover they don't
LardBoi (20)
Highscore file system in python
I promised to do this a while back but then I found out my c++ highscore file system (which this is based off of) is faulty when I was testing it so t...
HarveyH (160)
It's a simple clock that I have developed. If you want to check out my recreation of this using my own coding language, LuaH, go here --> https://rep...
RyanRana (194)
Really cool facts website!
Hello, everyone I made a fun little website for the SPACE Challenge. All you have to do is hit space and a new fact will appear. Upvote if you liked...
Coder100 (8489)
Polygott Puppeteer
Currently, I can make a browser show up with python using pygame and webbot. Is there a way to do the same with polygott and node.js? It would be most...
vve (14)
@vve Animations
# HELLO! Welcome to @vve Animations! Comment if you want more animations. Some stuff came from Loading SCreens by Bookie0! Has support for misusing! #...
[deleted] discord
is there an official discord? if so, can someone post the invite link?
ChimaNwosu1 (7)
D-pad wsad(up,down,left,right keypress command)
Hey I'm still a beginner in C++ and I want to know how to make a gaming d-pad. Do you guys have any coding advice on how to do so.
lightsandsound (0)
im still trying to get this to run
rsandy (1)
Help recover lost code
Hi, I lost the python code that i worked on for nearly two hours. I lost it even before i could save it. Please help me recover it as soon as possible...
XavierDD (91)
U-OS v1.0.0
An Operating system that will use the unif launguage wrapped with a java base that will run the unif files. It has a command line and working command...
TasdaCostada (0)
Questão 1 - letra J
Resposta para a letra J da questão 1, do exercício de nivelamento da disciplina MPS.
HerculukeZeEpic (190)
My second code in python!
This took awhile to make, pls support me on youtube @ Herculuke Ze Epic
BenjaminOBrien (33)
ReplAuth Signout
So, I have a repl running Python w/ Flask and I'm wondering how to log a user out of ReplAuth? I tried clearing headers, clearing the `REPL_AUTH` coo...
theangryepicbanana (1629)
Terminal animation
Made a thing where you can move a picture around using arrow keys or wasd. ***Only works if you open it in a new tab!!!***
ChezCoder (1499)
Operating System Template
So recently, I have noticed that people have been making lots of programming languages. Because of this, I have decided to make a program that can ass...
johnw1 (1)
Just A Calculator I'm Making (Work in Progress)
I am currently working on a calculator that does more than just the basic functions if you give it the required info. Note I am only currently taking...
akuls (1)
Code for Project
Hello fellow repliters, I have been learning Python for five weeks and am still not very good at it. When I run this code, I get an error that the wor...
KyleSandoval (8)
Slots (Java)
This is a slots game I spent a few weeks making.It includes: - Keys, Crates - Boosts - Shop - Upgrades - Levels - Lots of formatting
jajoosam (745)
An e-book downloader, with 📖
Check out the page [here](! Scraping content from libgen, and matching to information from google book...
matthewproskils (346)
How do you create a favicon?
I tried to paste the code i found online but it wouldn't work
taseen_ash (5)
Login OS 2.6
my pretend computer. its still in progress.
Leonv3x (3)
Crypto Module
Hi there, I was revisiting an old python script of mine with the Crypto module and got the error: Traceback (most recent call last): File "
udaygoyat45 (5)
Michael Conways's Game of Life
Michael Conway's, a British mathematician came up with this idea. This program is made using Java Swing. This program generates random fields. ******...
DarshanRajpara1 (13)
In case you did not know it is pride month. This is the month of celebration within the LGBTQ+ community. Make sure to update your profile picture!