can some one help me in this exercises?please
my exercises are : 1- In Pigglestone, people talk in a special language. Wherever they have a vowel they add a 'z' before it... For instance, instead...
BobTheTomatoPie (1580)
Highschool Stereotype Personality Quiz!
### What Stereotype are you??? Take the quiz to find out if you are a jock, loner, geek, etc... You only have to answer 7 questions for an answer and...
sparkiwnl (4)
south park enter name stick of truth
its just a little part of south park stick of truth recreation
lime3007 (0)
How can I host red discord bot on replit ?
Hi any pls help to host red discord bot here , it uses python here's its docs pls tell how to do it : https://docs.discord.red/en/stable/install_wind...
Andreipython43 (5)
how to share my repl
how to share my repl to people
Snowflake (48)
musiPix - Create music from images!
# musiPix *create music from images* https://musipix.snowflake.repl.co ___ Ever wanted to make your own song but don't know how? Well, now you can......
MelissaVuong2 (2)
Repls Not Sharing
Hi. I'm trying to share my Repl with other people, but it seems I can't access the share button. I'm currently using my student email for college. Is...
TheManOfTheKill (9)
A glitch?
For a project im working on, I have to use "replit" module to clear the screen, but it stopped working outta nowhere. What can I do? is there even som...
ninja2k11 (28)
Poke'mon quests
{meh}what just a Poke'mon game peeps!!!!!!
chivsg (0)
How can I take online coding exam for my students in free.?
My hobby is teaching python for beginners.. now I am thinking to take online coding exam for them. How can I achieve this in repl.it and for free. Or...
alejagav (0)
How do I add a Favicon to my HTML website?
I have tried to use tutorials but it just never loads in. I really want to have this website available soon. Please Help!
canteventhink (21)
Hey, you said music. This was the first thing that came to mind. It's ironic the button to submit this says "Let's rock and roll." But yeah, hope you...
firedragondnd (32)
I do not know how to add sounds pls help
I need to know how to add sounds
YuvanVighnesh (89)
Weird bug happening
A few of you might have seen my calculator. Recently I have seen that whenever you input a number greater than or equal to 4, the program terminates i...
dfnk (74)
JWT auth expressjs
I was building a new website (I am using JWT) and I was wondering if someone comes to my site how can I automatically make them send the bearer token...
Need a Database Experienced Repler
Hello! Me and my team are building a 'Website Builder', which builds websites for startups and everybody else. To make things a bit professional, I ne...
AdCharity (1344)
Determines if String is a Palindrome
#### Shoutouts @AllAwesome497 Thanks for the suggestions @theangryepicbanana Your way is better but I'm a rookie #### Palindrome A palindrome is basi...
LeonDoesCode (399)
Time and DateTime in Python
## Why? I have doubt that most of you have used the `time` and `datetime` modules in Python. However, I also would also say that most of you don't kno...
[FINAL POST] Who would you vote for!
Ok, I have reposted this quite a few times now (Sorry if its getting a bit annoying, trust me, its even getting annoying for me!). But this is probabl...
python67686 (0)
how can i ask a user to enter 2 fractions and operator of choice using python?
### I AM NOT SHARING A PROJECT ### This is an announcement project for me kinda I didn't know where to post this, so I'm going to post this here. Ign...
rorysharp (30)
Rock Paper scissors with neural network
Rock Paper scissors with a neural network for the computers move. Code on github https://github.com/qwertpi/rpsai and a walkthrough of the code on Med...
GavHern (81)
[PHP] How to redirect all outgoing requests to a different address
I'm trying to make it so that, for example, if there is a link to `http://www.example.com` or an image linked to `http://www.example.com/logo.png`, I...
RossJames (305)
We need to limit repl embeds on talk
I have noticed a recent issue on talk, repls are allowed to run scripts, this includes opening new windows, and even this, playing music, it allows fo...
sugarfi (602)
Settings for a Team
I just created a team at https://repl.it/teams, how can I change the settings and members?
DaBananaGuy (31)
🤖 5x5 Tic Tac Toe Bot - Taking 3x3 to the next level!
Play a game of 5x5 Tic Tac Toe against a very hard bot! A true challenge compared to 3x3. ![tictactoe](https://storage.googleapis.com/replit/images/15...
IEIrodov (7)
Hey folks want to play something then try Number-Guessing game
xolyon (340)
Slick python OS
Sup replitors you've come upon this post and I really recommend you check this out, and give it the upvote it deserves, thanks credit to @Jakman for s...
lightningrock (139)
Save .txt File In Python
# How do you save a .text file in python? I add content and it works well but when I refresh it all the content disappears! So how do you get the fil...
L64 (1)
How can I delete a team?
I want to delete a team because I didn't want it. How I can do it.