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I need to replace the password with***** in this program
is there a way to change password with astriek in python ,I have already used getpass but I think astriek would be better. any help??
potatojs (774)
i made FINALY a real website! XD
so i **learned** html and css! yey! and i desided to remade my website without using any p5 in it! (*actually there is p5* :) all the cool images you...
Lunar Lander
Text Based version of Lunar lander. You can choose from 0-50 power retro thrust. Try to land. If you do not understand how to play, read the comments...
hi guys, i was wondering if we could put music on i've tried doing that, but it's not working, just gives some error. Could someone tell wh...
EchoCoding (262)
Graphics Designer! Draws a penguin using coordinates!
Swasthik123 (1)
cannot run multiple file
i made a another new file but i cannot run that file
xxpertHacker (387)
Bookmark Creator
Do you ever open multiple links often? Do you have them bookmarked? What if I told you they can all be opened at once, but from a single bookmark. Tha...
BlueComet (120)
How to use arrow keys?
I'm want to create a game using arrow keys. Is there a way to use arrow keys in python?
Terminal exe app
This shell uses an exe file to run terminal commands. This repl will show you how to run pyinstaller files using
JohnnyWobble (50)
The Quest into Abquoria
This is my game for game jam, it's a text-based adventure game, although it has an Easter egg in it. The Easter egg is the 'magic word' from another t...
maazzubair99 (126)
Text-Based Minesweeper
Me and @VarunVaid made Minesweeper using text. This is the first-largish program we worked on and will eventually make more
IAmToniC (1)
My first repl... And i still update it to this day!
Hello! I'm here to show you all my experience with, spoiler: it was pretty good overall! When i joined Repl.It, i was just a bored 15-Year ol...
Dhruvsharma8 (3)
I have cloned one github project,what commands should I write to run those files which have been added.
Hexer (31)
2 Player flappy bird!
I edited some code of mine and now it's 2P! Controlls: Left mouse button for bird 1 and spacebar for bird 2
ArnavBansal (16)
Cellular Automata in BASIC (rule 126)
It should be trivial modify it to produce any of these:
21natzil (1123)
Weekly Repls #29
Sorry, no weekly repls for today. See you guys next week! ... Alright just kidding, how could I resist to show off all these amazing projects! Plus,...
HZLPY (39) - The Repl Talk Grinding Simulator
Disclaimer: **This is a joke.** This simulator allows you to feel the effort it takes to grind for upvotes, and it allows you to feel the real worth...
VulcanWM (2152)
Morse Code Converter
In this program, you can enter any message and then the message will be turned into morse code.
niteeshtapre (0)
How do I make the code stop after three guesses
I don't understand how to stop the code completely after 3 guesses, it either give me an error message or continues? BTW: its a random number generato...
LorraineDavidso (1)
Hi I am stuck at near the end of build a calculator, number 38 break 39 is blanck and 41 print("please enter a valid input!!") number 38 says when i p...
MesyetiIsTaken (54)
Display a list item in Python
How do I print a certain item in a list? Edit: in python o_o I forgot to put that
LizardCoder456 (0)
I'm a beginner so what would be a good and simple language I should learn?
I've tried python before but I am still not sure
LightninMcQuade (41)
vkajdacsi (2)
JS Assignment 16: Using Callbacks in Array Methods
I'm pretty much stuck at one of the last exercises at Lambda Pre-Course, JS assignment 16. Could anyone please give me any hints on what I'm doing wro...
Mosrod (443)
With around 500k words to choose from, you can play hangman online, while enjoying the incredible variety of words. Made in Python 3.
evanxg852000 (12)
How do I set command line arguments for my REPL
my python repl is using sys.argv, how do I pass one in order to test ?
JCordero821 (0)
\n not making a new line in Javascript?
Within my string, the \n command is reading into the string itself as if I am escaping it. Has anyone else experienced this issue> My code: for(var i...
Can you import pictures onto python? if yes how do you do it?
@CodeABC123 wanted me to make a time machine so I'm making one. I want pictures on it so can you import pictures?
YusufSanusi (0)
My Django stopped working and keeps showing an error
Hi, I keep getting a "bash: ./ Permission denied exit status 126" error. I tried copying the code to a new repl and now no new repl is worki...