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Programming Language Jam
$10,000 grand prize
supersxnic (0)
Tic Tac Toe game by SuperSonicGaming
ha ha i made tictactoe and i have made this with my coding teacher (not reavealing name)
TheForArkLD (714)
I maked Language
i maked language.(name is DefLang,probably some users know.) and i am very free now. who can code my own language with me? (and i need your opinion!)...
AmazingMech2418 (855)
π in Elixir
I think I'm pretty much doing pi approximations in every language now, so, here it is in Elixir! The issue with NASM has been fixed, but I still need...
Zavexeon (1042)
Severe Lack of Moderation
If it is not obvious, has a severe lack of moderation. The talk boards are full of trolls and spammers and that quite frankly hurts th...
Uzalii (432)
Not Sure Why This isn't working?
Its not completed but it just keeps repeating same thing and i did not program it to do that can someone help
derekwan (170)
Krossy Road This game was developed for educational purposes for Bit By Bit \(\). Worldwide high s...
MatthewX (139)
How to check if number is even?
In my code, i want too check if the number is even and if the number is odd, Im not sure how to do it in js. I tried using % but it didn't work. Pleas...
Jmee3479 (1)
A predicted sales amount using Python
HahaYes (1190)
Notification Lag
So I was just chatting with @Wuru , but when I refresh the page, two new comments have been posted, but the notifications have not registered it. I ha...
PowerCoder (617)
👌🎮 AdventureMan2 - The platformer game 🎮👌 [NEW MAP!] [ENEMYES!]
In this game, you will complete a level that contains parkour and obstacles. ### How to play: * Collect all the coins to win. * If you go below the s...
userSM (194)
Word scrambler
Just a quick thing I whipped up. Enter a word you want to scramble. If you're the luckiest guy (or girl) in the world, it might scramble it so all the...
StudentJasonJa2 (0)
Where is a good place to host my html, css, and JS website from. (Preferably frere)
Pls. I have a cool website but i cant post it XD
mat1 (3314)
Repl Talk Discord Bot
This bot automatically puts things posted on Repl Talk into the #repl-talk channel in the [ Discord]( > Source code: h...
Name12 (107)
battle simulator 2.0: element update
Welcome, everybody!! to the newest version of the battle simulator!! in the new update, I added more information page before you choose your hero so y...
CodingY10 (1)
Star wars quiz
just a little project for I.T
AllAwesome497 (337)
Why do you use repl?
So what I want to know is, why do you use repl? For education, work, or personal use? What do you like about repl? #### My Response: I use repl for...
LukeShomper (49)
How to write code if your confused
Some things you should do to write code is to plan it out, plan what you want to do, I'm working on AI and I just planed it out and it helped a lot. S...
CodingCactus (3068)
Pig Latin Translator
This repl is a translator for the secret child language of pig Latin: With this repl, you can translate to or...
matthewpeng (4)
awesome spiral
just watch the spiral. Noobs shall be shocked!
ZakirSurkhi (0)
Guess the number game!1
play this game, to pass time, and have fun... you will also boost your brain power! Good luck!
CoolJames1610 (565)
Cmon, give me a new idea for a project XD its gotta be Py____ like I've done [PyChat]( [PyTube] (https://rep...
WhittSanders (1)
Convert time from seconds into larger units of time
Jakman (443)
What have we become?
Can someone tell me how the only thing on this site that makes it past new are literally just text based games and ascii art. I have not seen a tool o...
AmazingMech2418 (855)
Ultimate Web Template
# Ultimate Web Template Have you ever wanted to easily create a web server with no code needed to create a website? Have you ever wanted to create a...
Justinwest27 (0)
Is there a way to link two branches of code?
In my CYOA, one of the paths starts with the main character finding a green light, if they do they go down the ufo path. If they don't, they go down a...
JosephSanthosh (1140)
Do You Know Russia ?!? ɢʟᴏʙᴀʟ ᴄᴏᴜɴᴛʀɪᴇᴢ Qᴜɪᴢ ᴇᴘɪꜱᴏᴅᴇ 4
Welcome to GLOBAL COUNTRIES QUIZ EPISODE 4 RUSSIA! ======================================================== աɛʟƈօʍɛ ȶօ ɢʟօɮǟʟ ƈօʊռȶʀɨɛֆ զʊɨʐ ɛքɨֆօɖɛ 4...
LimanData (31)
Stable Python DOS Release- Benzene 1.0
Renamed Benzene, the Python OS has undergone another round of revisions and debugging sessions. This is the first stable release, with functional docu...
MatthewXia (17)
is there a rule book for repl?
yes no maybe so????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? i dont know
katyadee (1218)
⛈Brainstorm ⛈What should we code?
The last time I had one of these threads, we got a lot of cool answers. So... let's kick this off again! What should we code? What should I, Katya, co...
Tassiebutter (8)
Cool stuff
it makes a cool pattern for you to look at. It looks like a portal or a tunnel.