PaulM123 (1)
Check it out: Fox-Hopper | NEW RELEASE!
Please check out my new game. Download the full version on GitHub for sound effects! GitHub:
ParamitaGhosh (0)
(file:///E:/web%20designing/Resume/index.html#about) WD assignment 1
(file:///E:/web%20designing/Resume/index.html#about) I am facing some difficulties during submission. So kindly reply me is it ok or not otherwise I c...
Mamatorra12345 (1)
HEy anybody who plays roblox survive and kill killers in area 51 and wants to play the updates that havent been released go to SAKTK server from homer...
marc0an1 (0)
coin toss
i know it is not perfect but I tried
pinkbanana6218 (8)
World Covid-19 recovery stats
This is how many people have recovered from Covid-19. We hope you like it - The Road Runners ![Screenshot 2020-07-29 at 1.29.50 PM](https://storage....
ComputingSquid (50)
What is wrong with dynamic constant assignment?
# I wondering why this does not work ``` magicItem = ["Wand" , "Orb" , "Staff" , "Rod" , "Token"].sample weapon = ["Mace" , "Sword" , "Spear" , "Bow"...
Geocube101 (613)
Moving an HTML Canvas Element
# Moving an HTML Canvas Element Moving an HTML canvas element can be extremely useful. You can make games and apps with moving and animated elements....
AlexanderTarn (278)
Inus (1.01)
Just another RPG, nothing to see here if you have something else to do. Patch Notes 1.01: 1. The Warden now has a variety of names, The Beast, JJJ, an...
SwarrothOth (1)
Maybe useless but it actually can be useful sometimes
Basically it generates as many number between 0 and 9. Example : ```44444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444...
cooperjsutton (2)
The final project for html
This is the thing that i get 100 points for. I wonder if you read this part before you look at it to grade it
takiiThree (0)
calorie intake
I need help asking the user for input to add to a multidimensional array, I'm asking them for the amount of calories they ate in the day and calculati...
Wumi4 (466)
pysh - The simple but powerful shell
Hello everyone! What a long time I don't make a _Share_ post. Like the title of this post, today I'm going to show you _pysh_, a small, lightweight bu...
HunterScott1 (6)
My event listener wont work
I have an onkeyup in my body tag witch activates a js function call updatePage but it isn't working does anybody know why?
CannoliCoder (4)
How to get colored text in terminal (Swift)
I have tried many ways to add color to the text my Swift programs print but none work. Does anyone know how to add color to swift text?
RaghuveerDoddi (1)
Hangman Game
This is a simple hangman game!
tristangoossens (1)
Retro game Sokoban in Go!
I have recently made my finished sokoban in Go! repl is really helpful to build my project. For the source code check out my github repository: https...
URItechnollogy (0)
Im looking for people to do a Swift languaje calculator
I am looking for people with very little experience or no wait a way in the Swift programing languaje i hope you do not pay a hard goodbye
Anyone have any good tutorials for C++?
this is the extent of what I know.
Theboys619 (60)
Express for Deno (kool)
NOTE: There are other modules better like 'oak' but I just wanted to try and create one anyway. This probably isn't the best lookin' code you might h...
iambianca (0)
MathsFun - UnderTheSeaMaths
Hey guys! W created this game to help you learn your times tables! It has randomly generated sums increasing in difficulty as you move through the lev...
visiopo44 (0)
requests(library) is automatically deleted every time
I used requests on my program, but every time, when I try to run after take some break It's automatically erase requests library!! so I have to re-ins...
HarveyH (197)
HScript OS - Alpha
# Description A sequal to HOS (Hellewell Operating System) made using HScript, as the title implies. HScript OS will stay in Alpha untill the program...
KrishnaPatel13 (0)
The Links aren't working in the links.
Inside the Files folder, I have a folder that is named "Images" and there are a bunch of links such as "about. html." I can't the "Back to Home" link,...
GarretOgden (2)
Midterm Help
Needing help with python midterm project. I believe that the main problem is some indentation issues/syntax errors. But I'm still not entirely sure....
Module wont load
My code uses the ASCII package, and works inside the IDE, but on its website it errors as it cant load the ASCII package. How can I fix this? site:...
AnthonyMouse (78)
Help with Coding Quiz/Test
I'm making a website to quiz your HTML knowledge, but I need good questions to ask. For example: "What does the ```<h1>``` element do?" If I approve...
MavTwo (0)
The only thing that stands between you and becoming an epic typer is an interview with the leader of the most prestigious group of hackers in the worl...
VincentJames (12)
How do I insert an image? ________________________________________________________________________________________ Feeling: Confused
kennith03 (0)
coding excercise
a little coding excercise a calculator to a degree i guess
zahidanwar (5)
Command Line Arguments
Hi, How do you pass command line arguments to a C++ program using the console?