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penguin385 (4)
This is my project... Now I have to write 50 characters....
syc1 (20)
CheesyML - The Cheesiest Clicker Experience in HTML
This is a clicker game I made late 2019 where you click to get cheese and buy upgrades. Play at the ACTUAL domain [here!](http://game.cheesy.ml/) Som...
DanaAtassi (3)
You're officially rich! (Well, not for real) 😎
With your bank account in the National Bank of Dana, you can deposit money, make a withdrawal, and even change your password and log out of your bank...
LeonDoesCode (371)
Repl Command Console
## Console? You may be thinking "and what? There's nothing special about the console. I run my terminal application, and maybe input some data. What g...
eekboi (147)
#WEEKLY5 haha c go brrr
What I did was compleetely inneficient... and cursed... and just overall a terrible idea. But whats c without bad ideas? heres my hellspawn of a crea...
Koalaknightmi (1)
why am i unable to open this repl ?
if u go to it here https://repl.it/@Koalaknightmi/bible-quiz and try and open it it wont open but instead throws an error that i dont understand plz h...
ReinierB (17)
JS Assignment 7: Arguments and Parameters
JS Assignment 7: Arguments, I do not know what is going on, The console is printing what they asking for to be undefined, but I still get an error? im...
NarwhalFanatic (21)
Need help with making pop-ups (python, if I need to import anything tell me)
Hello! I am trying to create some sort of GUI and wanted to create a popup for testing purposes but for the first time stack-overflow isn't helping. I...
Baconman321 (65)
Global variable.
I am making a feedback form, and I have it set up so that in submission1.php, it will gather the variable from the textarea from the index.php. It the...
How do you copy and paste here?
Seriously, repl.it does not like copying and pasting. When I try to copypaste a section of my code to another one of my repls or another file/class in...
dabs364 (10)
Rocket go Brrrrr 2
A sequel of @DynamicSquid's Rocket go Brrrrr. Be sure to check that out. Thanks to @DynamicSquid for the original code and animations. I recommend ful...
UnbearablyGrizz (1)
My first website.
Who doesn't love grizzly bears?
CoolJames1610 (478)
Repl.it notis
Whenever I get a new notification and I click on it, it says the message had been sent like 10 mins ago Is that happening to anyone else? (slow notif...
RogueHalo (404)
Value not writing to correct key in JSON
Hey There, So I'm trying to increment a value in my JSON file. The idea is that I can call a function (dayInc() which is in game.py) and it will incr...
jif63576375 (0)
password generator
this generator generates a random password for you to use
goodthoughts (39)
This Hangman WORKS!
A fun game with Ascii art!
BennySLV (1)
Hello everyone! This is Ben calling, from the UK! I hope everyone is coping well wherever you are in the world? These are strange times at the moment...
brandosha (12)
Virtual Cards (with friends!)
Card games are fun, but they require you to be in the same room as the people you are playing with. **Not anymore** This website gives you the abili...
ReshiramWolfu (78)
Which language should I use?
Making a Raspberry Pi GUI with buttons that react when pressed. What language would be the most suitable for this?
DanialArjomandi (2)
This code won't run for some reason and I don't know why. Please help. (I'm new to Java, learned python a while ago)
timmy_i_chen (1073)
Repl.it Feature Roadmap
At the current time of writing, the Repl.it team is 8 people, and we are often asked about what we're working on. We actually use our [Feedback board...
KaiaRalston (2)
Final Project
animation of Solar System with orbiting planets around the sun
XaveeIsAPixel (1)
How can i make a webserver using node js
i am just new to this language "node.js" and i need a example code of an webserver pls i need this for my discord bot to work 24/7 advanced thank...
Nediakstudios (88)
Every command you can use with ANVI
# Complete command list - ANVI *** `help` _**Help Command that gives half of the commands that you can use**_ ## Search Commands `Search...` Then w...
AtticusKuhn (236)
Web Screenshot
I am trying to make a program that can save an image of a given website (preferably in node.js). Most of the examples I tried did not work. I suspect...
AlvinJohn1 (5)
Number of Even Digits
I am trying to create a program which will help me count the number of even digits in an inputted number. Any suggestions? Also having trouble with t...
Ekstra (0)
Pac man game
Bhsjsbjhsbhjs just a copy of pac man doodle :/
TheDrone7 (989)
Discord.py - Rewrite Tutorial using commands extension
# Discord.py Rewrite **Note : ** *Before you start this tutorial, You should already know the language **python**, **how to create applications in di...
amitco2468 (0)
Are repl.it make me if I run "node index.js' working 24/7?
Are repl.it make me if I run "node index.js' working 24/7?
JimBob5 (172)
Bitcoin Mining Simulator
A simple idle game where you aim to take over the world with Bitcoins. Inspiration from cookie clicker: https://orteil.dashnet.org/cookieclicker/