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DrizztVerevkin (0)
If some one could help when i am offline.And that i can trust.
This is in C# if you know it pleas help. You add string for an example string word27; string word28; than you do this...
AdCharity (1287)
Determines if String is a Palindrome
#### Shoutouts @AllAwesome497 Thanks for the suggestions @theangryepicbanana Your way is better but I'm a rookie #### Palindrome A palindrome is basi...
hoop4life (263)
Fun number game v1.0
I should have posted it earlier... :( but still enjoy and like me.
LeonDoesCode (371)
Time and DateTime in Python
## Why? I have doubt that most of you have used the `time` and `datetime` modules in Python. However, I also would also say that most of you don't kno...
RohilPatel (788)
Quick Question
Hey, I was deleting some code on a mobile device, and the whole thing deleted, is there anything I can do to retrieve my code?
kbadrinath_tcsp (200)
clicker game help
i hope someone responds to this, cause my questions don't usually get answered on ask. I wanna know why the program is saying the function slimeClicka...
21natzil (1089)
Developer Spotlight: Jake Cooper
Hello, replers! I hope everyone is having a *fantastic* day! I'm back with another developer, all the way from the golden state. Today, we'll be inte...
amasad (2373)
Repl.it Discord Bot
https://repl.it/@amasad/discord-bot-example It started from just trying out discord.py but people on the Repl.it discord \(https://repl.it/discord) l...
22adacr (4)
Greetings earthlings
Hi guys, I'm new at this and I wouldn't mind if you guys helped me out. Please don't hack me!!!!!!
Wilke000 (345)
My First Tkinter!
I do not know who made this so I cannot give them the credit. :(
jajoosam (700)
🕵️‍♂️ A scavenger hunt with image classification 🖼️
hey hey hey hey hey I'm back with something I think y'all will find interesting! I built a game based on image classification - you have to get obje...
PixOs payment
Carefully read the instructions on README.md for an understanding of how Pixmicro pays repl.it users.
pyelias (1420)
Cookie Clicker: Terminal Edition
I'm still adding some things to it. You have to run it at https://jam4.pyelias.repl.run/ for it to work properly. EDIT: yay i won the code jam See the...
targetfanttthat (89)
Just something in golang
Just thought I'd share my beginning experiences with the golang programming language. This project has no use to it but still thought it was a bit ne...
awesome10 (194)
I know C++ now!
I just looked at some tutorials today, and I learned some cool stuff! Nothing compared to anyone who knows C++ decently, but today is my first day!
pythonyalfa (1)
New Here
Just found this site excited to learn more python and java and some html I feel better now that I found a new site to learn from. Maybe ill find some...
EmilyPeng (1)
about me!
some information about who i am and what i like :)
Masy (28)
Secret Message: Need a clarification, Not an Answer
I have been googling (Not a great idea, its google) and what ive turned up is that .xn-- is another form of an international web link" XN may refer to...
c4syner (56)
Epic Clickbait Title Generator
Are you a struggling YouTube channel that needs help? Do you have a difficult time trying to make catchy titles? Well. You're in luck! Simply paste...
PDanielY (976)
App of the Week
We are happy to announce that App of the week is coming back to repl.it. Every week we (moderators) will pick a repl from Share that we think is amazi...
10mohammed10 (45)
its my quiz ( 2 ) " mohammed"
I hope you loved the game beacause
EthanLauritzen (0)
How can i make my repl online
How can i make my project run?
rafrafraf (130)
pretty cool chatroom if i say so myself V(1.2)!!
plenty of bug fixes added chatroom is now styled in a pretty cool way if i say so myself(whatsapp inspired). commands have been added to chatroom....
christopher00 (121)
Moral Story Ep. 3 is outttt!!
Another one! Thanks for the 117 cycles everyone! Take a look at this moral!
ISimpson (0)
Does the ANY function exist in repl.it MySQL?
I'm creating example mysql tasks for my Advanced Higher Computing Science students and noticed that I encountered an error when attempting to use the...
valdonoja01A (3)
Error running this program
Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong please
ags16dygr (11)
The competitive game of the text
PvP and PvE mode. might add more in the future but for now its a little side project. Edit: Fixed errors in code that stopped the game from loading co...
abel06666 (0)
React then get sent a dm once u have reactions to bot message
Does anybody have a source code to waht i said in the title if u do pls share it
Highwayman (1299)
securethebags (28)
LOG-IN Page for website (GIVE ME NEW IDEAS?!)
Hey guys I'm posting a homework for my web dev class however I added a lot of functionality my professor didn't ask for lol. I wanted to keep working...