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SpaceFire (82)
Can i somehow ping everyone on replit?
@everyone or something like that. Or can I make a program that retrieves the @ of every user?
MatReiner (98)
Most Complicated way to say "Hello World" in javascript.
Window.prototype.isNaN = function(a){ return window.isNaN(a) };let z = Object.defineProperty(Object.assign([], String.toString.name.toString.toStr...
TheDrone7 (989)
Hello all replers! Today, I'm going to be announcing something new and fun for you all. We're introducing **WEEKLY CHALLENGES**!. ​ *So, what are thes...
ChezTacoz (250)
Ultimate_Casino 💰 🎰 (Edited version)
So this repl is a game. You are at a casino. There are different games, and also food and drinks. Winning, food and drinks boost your morale, but losi...
ChezCoder (1458)
Make your own console
# HIIII Ok, so, ive been seeing a lot of custom languages these days on repl and have decided to help people make custom intereters (consoles)! Chang...
CoolJames1610 (478)
repl is being slow
I have the hacker plan but my repls are being very slow and it keeps crashing :( > ###### ~~maybe its becos im creating 195 files at the same time~~...
Coder100 (2747)
Super Math Dash!
# Super Math Dash This is a fun game where you destroy those monsters under your bed: Brains and Orgs. ## Story > Math world has been conquered by ev...
StudentFires (327)
Using Memoization to Speed Up Code
# What is memoization? *** Yeah, that's right, ***memo***, not ***memor***. I asked my self this when I first saw it. Simply put, memoization can be d...
DEMONul1234 (11)
Dice game
Simple dice game. It generates a random number from 1 to 6 and then it decides which player(you're giving players' names at the very beginning) is vic...
MrEconomical (2195)
Gravity Simulator
# this is a gravity simulator I thought it would be cool to be able to mess around with gravity and experiment, so I made this simple gravity simulat...
Coder100 (2747)
# **Code jam #9** Hello everyone! Introducing a new agar.io game! You don't eat just food... you eat humans too! Or viruses... # About This was for th...
JollyJack8 (2)
Discord Bot Goes Offline After An Hour Even Though Uptime is Hooked Up
Hi there! I have been working on a discord bot, and after an hour, instead of staying online, the bot will just go offline even though I have it linke...
BobTheTomatoPie (972)
Pitlife 2
This game is based on Bitlife, it may be a console type version, but at this point, it is hardly the same game. I've added many features that will ne...
Wuru (64)
Golang: Googles C++ Part 2 Basic Variables
Hello wonderful people. Before we start can I please say not to get competitive in the comments! Anyway we are talking about variables today! So to...
RohilPatel (788)
Is this code invincible?
Ok, so I have made some code, and I have been working on trying to make my code more advanced and less noob-like. I've spend some time going through a...
fgarry25 (105)
Quick game I made
Here is a quick game I made inspired by The Stanley Parable! Check it out
9751 (20)
Don't click this.
Why are you here? I said don't click this. Well, anyways, I made something super horrible. So don't look at it.
RohilPatel (788)
Truth: are you a spammer boy?
Well, I got a little inspiration by @Codemonkey51 for this, and I decided to make it better by putting it on the front end. I might add css, so yeah....
LizFoster (592)
Let's talk about π.
Today I'd like to teach you all about one of my all time favorite constants: π! Most likely, all of you know that π is the ratio of a circle's circumf...
Scoder12 (473)
The wait is over! You can now make music bots with discord! I have compiled `libopus.so` for repl.it which you can now use to make music bots. To ma...
Wilke000 (345)
The Most Boring Thing You Have Ever Seen
Made by @IndyCarter and @IndyRishi. # All info found in repl
Kopamed (221)
Corona Virus Simulation
[The visual program](https://repl.it/talk/share/THIS-IS-WHY-YOU-SHOULD-STAY-AT-HOME/36977) ### This was strongly inspired by @Rikot. [Go check his pr...
Axrevyn (180)
Human Worth Calculator
A quick game I made. It takes a survey from you and calculates your worth from it. (This is a joke post, no human can be measured in something like mo...
Can we make a new Programming Language
Hello friends, I know this is weird but Let me just Say it. Is it actually possible to create a new programming Language like C++ and other. I saw Go(...
HiroEndin (24)
I don't know what it is...
I keep getting a key error for the code if films["director"] == films["George Lucas"]: print(films["year"]) What the code is meant to do is to see i...
ZacPlayz (61)
The War v1.2 is officially out!
Bugs, glitches, colours, copyright, etc have been updated from The War v1.0 . Please write your opinion about this game. See last words when you compl...
Lizzie126 (30)
Can you get all 7 questions on The World's Easiest Test?
I finally got the gif to work, and the test is complete. Have fun! P.S. When you get to a f letter word question, make sure your awnser had a capital...
dfnk (32)
What do you use a `<svg></svg>` element in html?
Wilke000 (345)
Alien Talk Part 2
# Alien Talk Part 2! You can find the part 1 [Here](https://repl.it/talk/share/Alien-Talk/30361) #### Thanks to @Bookie0 for helping me! Hope you enj...
KobeFF (376)
LOLCODE ~ Complete Tutorial
# LOLCODE ~ The Basics... LOLCODE is an esoteric programming language inspired by the funny things on the Internet. It is designed to test the bound...