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Programming Language Jam
$10,000 grand prize
MocaCDeveloper (313)
Update on the Brew programming language #9(String Decorators)
Added in a few new syntax and features. *_Sadly, I haven't gotten to any of the brand syntax yet. But I am planning on done that when I am doing with...
LovelyRowdyTask (1)
Hello, I wrote a function that calculates the Permutations for input that may have repeating characters. Also, I wrote a unittest script for it....
EricBromstead (16)
Displaying an Image...
So this is what I have been trying... Just as a test I used Garfield But I get an Error: Traceback...
ImmaEatYouMan (17)
I thought I found a way to fix my text adventure game
I thought I found a way to fix my text adventure game if you saw my last post about it I was saying that it was not possible and it seems I was thwart...
Why did I make this lol
I dont even know what this is lol but I guess it exists now
YusufYusuf (2)
Madilian stunt cars
Car racing game for free (works 100 percent)
firefish (519)
I can't install six because I don't have six.
![image]( I uninstall pynput, and it removes six aswel...
ChezCoder (1499)
Hi repl. So you probably know what happened. I was advertising yesterday. Well i kinda did it as I had worked so hard on a project but no one saw my p...
ebest (635)
Pico, Fermi, Bagel
Bagels is a number guessing game. The computer chooses at random a secret three digit code. No two digits in the secret code are the same. Every time...
CarlosRosiles (183)
Codersatwork official chat
Codersatwork, this is where we will be discussing our projects and stuff! (Before the discussion boards are added). Discord server:
sanat12 (1)
please help me solving the problem
i, could not complete the inherit problem of the class
Dart20 (36)
Pleas try it out! and check if it works writing together
nullified (7)
Need help
i'm trying to show this: Hello. [CLEARSCREEN] Hello.. [CLEARSCREEN] Hello... [CLEARSCREEN] Hello. [CLEARSCREEN] ... but it doesn't seem to work. wha...
# HELLO AND WELCOME ANOTHER TIME TO **LEARN Z-LANG** TUTORIAL! Today we will learn: * inputs * make a calculator! let's start! # Inputs in my lang...
katyadee (1221)
LLC GOLANG: Web apps & structs (Videos 5+6)
## Hi everyone! This week, we'll focus on: * [Creating a simple web app]( * [Structs](https://www.youtub...
IzanLarumbe (33)
Theorem Of Pitagoras
Note: This repl is used for when you don't have the catetus. Not the hypotenuse. # Important: This is a part of my "Math For High Schools framework i...
SilentShadowBla (541)
Brawl Stars
Brawl Stars Game Simulator Have fun! --brawlers --battle --boxes Please give feedback in comments
BrentTersol (5)
The Watson Scott Test
Take a test designed by Watson Scott. Take it if you dare. ![maxresdefault](
WillHarmer (14)
Low Budget Idle Game
This idle game is in Pygame. fork repl to save.
Magic Kingdom
Do you like the game? Do you like the game? Do you like the game? Do you like the game? Do you like the game? Do you like the game? Do you like the ga...
Dogdin (15)
Pascal's Triangle C++
This program calculates Pascal's Triangle to a certain level.
AmazingMech2418 (909)
BrainF Fibonacci
This is the fibonacci sequence in BrainF! All of the code besides the division algorithm in the number printing system is mine! (same division algori...
0901 (22)
Squirrel Eat Squirrel
Squirrel Eat Squirrel made with pygame!
Newt10 (0)
Pls help me, this error when am run console
am using discord.js commando and am a new on discord.js, pls help me ![20200903_104441](
PYer (3457)
URE - Better Replit
It is not really better than replit, but you should give it a try. ![Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 3.54.56 PM](
SPQR (534)
Console input which runs in parallel to the rest of the program (and for which pressing Enter isn't necessary) via CPU threading. Just a proof of con...
What are variables? variables are something that can store values like numbers, letters, True or False.
Bailey20704 (0)
I need help working out how to print the first letter from a csv file, with stars for the rest of the letters, its a guessing game.
ebest (635)
Admins: What if showed the amount of views on a post and on a file? That would be interesting.
linanada (12)
delete a team
Hi everyone. I have created a team here in repl to test that team feature, but then I couldn't delet. Anybody knows how to do it?