LeakyLobster (0)
In the latest version of that there is on, there's a fatal bug that keeps crashing my program. A bug fix was pushed, but its versio...
HiiragiBjoo (0)
Discord bot Not keep online
i use Uptime Robot 5min Checked robot up ,but looking Discord Channel The robot is actually offline, page shows robot running ok if restart...
TSelden (7)
Is there a way to use 'A' instead of 'CName'?
I'm using a custom domain, and I'm just wondering if you can use 'A' instead of 'CName'. I'm trying to make a page without a subdomain, but whenever I...
Jakman (458)
Rust Pointers in functions.
I have made a function in rust that uses and abuses refrences to increment a variable. This is what i believe to be the first Rust program with pointe...
DominoWasTaken (0)
nothing to see here its just stupidness UwU
idk im new to dis i just did something without knowing poger lmao lmao lmao lmao lmaoooooooooooooo
MatthewDoan1 (328)
I think this is a bug. You shouldn't be able to post in announcements... how strange
JordanDixon1 (372)
Can someone help me?
I have been trying for months on my own to try to make my own social media website. I can't seem to get past trying to make a login/register system wi...
fiji199 (1)
Nice bro
This is something I saw on reddit so I decided to try it myself because I haven’t coded in a while. Any optimizations/ ideas?
JaydenLiu1 (9)
This is my first experiment involving floats and integers. Don't get me wrong, I am an intermediate! Enjoy my calculator!
AshrithaGoud (1)
About planets
All about Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus
CameronLONGBOTT (3)
Timetable Maker
Hi. This is my first post but i need some help. I've created a program to keep my timetable on, however if you view it you can see that its quite leng...
Rvisbeek (3)
send this to someone you think is gay!
gay sim. for gay bois like you!
xpyp16118 (0)
Python Datatypes demo
This repl program will help you understand python datatypes better and help you to use them in actual programs. if you have any problems, please ask m...
Jackbaklava (24)
Text Features
I have seen many posts where people use bold text or large text, but I don't know how to use these features. Can anyone help me?
OlauPla (154)
Number guessing game
Give me some feedback. Ps: Join my team:
GavHern (81)
Keep nodejs repl always running?
I have a discord bot and i want to keep it always running... I have it on uptimerobot set to every 5 minutes but for some reason, my bot goes offline...
AqualRodinia (2)
I need help using the RGB color for the turtle.
I need help using the RGB color for the turtle.
SixBeeps (3221)
ReplTheme: Sparkle your (web) REPL up a bit
If you're getting bored of just looking at your REPL site, don't worry, I've been there as well. With this project, you can add a border around your s...
Pdiddy45 (1)
I am having trouble figuring out this madlib code? dont know what i did wrong?
iPenguin (7)
[JS] How to create a random path on a matrix?
[JS] Let's say that we have a matrix of hashtags (of adjustable width "w" and height "h") w = 5, h = 5 # # # # # # # # # # # # # #...
Vandesm14 (2438)
This is a timer app that lets students know when the periods end
sasivanga (12)
Unix S39 : cut command and various options with clear examples
#### **Session-39. cut command and various options with clear examples** cut command and various options with clear examples ### cut: **1)Display...
wythes (1)
simple quiz i made in school
i made this in school lol idk
Searching Tree: Binary Search
## What is “Searching Tree”? “Searching Tree” is a series of Python tutorials that teach you how to make a number searching algorithm that I made. I...
IsaiahA813 (1)
MoreLoops Exercise A - Isaiah Austin
4.4 Exercise A char char char char char
HermioneGrange2 (6)
Harry Potter Student Quiz
Are you Fred Weasley? Are you Draco Malfoy? Or are you Hermione Granger? Find out which student you are by taking this quiz I created!
can't display the username pls help
the username that we enter through the pop-up text after selecting the javascript room is not visible eg: ria:hi only the messages are shown,help me w...
JarenEdwards (1)
DNA Sequence Generator
So far the only user input option is the amount of sequences. The amount of base pairs is not an option to change (12 is the current set amount)
MadisonLouton (0)
Need help with writing booleans in java
so I'm writing code this is the prompt: Write a short quiz program that asks three true/false questions and stores the user's answers as booleans. At...
NagendraSingh (0)
I can not see result tab
import turtle nagendra_turtle = turtle.Turtle nagendra_turtle.forward(100) I can only see console not result