QBeaumont (7)
This is a game where you can make your own version of a story with words.
xxpertHacker (557)
Simple multiplication table code fails to run loop
(*If you don't want to or don't know how to help me, could you upvote this so that it gets seen by more people?*) I was setting up a very simple prog...
jort57 (14)
I don't have any ideas
# My brain is empty Ok so my brain is empty aka I don't have any ideas for code. I was thinking of making a programming language but thats too complic...
If statements
Each player in a tournament plays six games. There are no ties. The players are placed in groups based on the results of games as follows: - if a play...
skull_is_dull (42)
two months after i made the repl i just posted, i made this
it took i think 1-2 hrs because i recently started learning js/p5
HahaYes (1250)
For Mech and Squid
Dear you two, TheDrone7 requests that we do a special programming thingy for Rex for his programming jam slideshow. You guys have any ideas? @Amazin...
TheForArkLD (734)
Ansi 256(Two-hundred-fifty-six) colors Image Format
# **ATIF** ## **What is this?** This is image format, like bitmap(bmp). ## **Good points and bad points** Good points! 😄 - Small image size - **A...
thecoderhtml (24)
Connect Four With Reset Button
This is a great fun place to play Connect Four on one computer together!!! Click on the cells to choose your spot you can win diagonally, vertically,...
CodingCactus (3094)
#WEEKLY the second one
Here is my submission for the weekly submission. *** You enter an integer and it will add if the number of digits in the numbers between it and 0 and...
lightningrock (137)
Reuse HTML Elements
I am making my personal website and I have a nav bar: ```html <div class="center"> <a href="index.html"><button type="button"><img src="Icons/Nav...
objectme12 (38)
version 1.1 imposter clicker
now with music and price changes credited by @objectme12 and @pepelaugh upvote if u like the new updates
ChezCoder (1559)
500 Cycles - Thank you.
Hello beautiful repl community! Welcome to my 500 cycles speech. I am not going to be posting anything (tbh, I never thought I was going to reach 500...
Error in Code
Can _anyone_ please help me with this problem and why is this giving an __error__?
robowolf (108)
Work - Part 2
Part 2 to my Work Text Adventure Game. There's no bug that I know of. Enjoy. -RoboWolf
Repl.it User Search
Inspired by @Zexogon 's absolutely wonderful repltalk leaderboard program, I also decided to try out @mat1 's repltalk package and make something of m...
ZDev1 (695)
Repl.it profile pictures?
# Hello! I am currently working on a project with a team, that has the repl.it login method. We've done with it: * only the username but I need the...
lmutcssh (3)
Is this average noob or pro?
I posted my project here. Is it average noob or pro? I need to know what type I am. Please tell the truth.
EpicGamer007 (803)
How to create an always on bot for discord
Hi I recently got discord, I tried creating bots with java. It worked, except for one problem, if I terminate the program from eclipse, after some ti...
SpaceFire (113)
DiscordPy Template
# Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls ##### oh and that talking cactus # I present to you a DiscordPy template Features: - Flask Server to keep it a...
PyCoder01 (60)
Indentation bug in Python
Whenever I'm coding I get a indentation error I do the spaces instead of the tabs, It's too annoying I can't get rid of the error I don't know what to...
NoelB33 (314)
Click speed test in HTML and Javascript
Because I was trying to test some more saving data in JavaScript, I decided to make a small click speed test. Just click the button in the middle. My...
lioz (2)
how do you add powers to a code in python i can do Addition subtraction, Multiplication and division. Powers isn't working
syflexer (467)
#BJGJ Sea adventure
This is my submission from bramjam it based around a morale system where you have to keep your crew happy or they will leave you edit: also this is li...
PJRocha (0)
Blackjack Calling Functions and passing variables
I've run into an issue calling my BLACKJACK_WINNER function, I've set it to call the player hand but I'm having an issue calling the computer hand. Pl...
Battledash2 (1)
I'm Trying To Make A Custom Parser In JS, I need help with a piece of regex
**Hello there!** I need help with finding any thing around the lines of `var(varName)`, I got this working but if I do `var(var(otherVarName))` it'll...
ni6iu (11)
Color Orbs
My TV does this when there is no signal :)
nodemailer send array as a list?
I am making a repl which sends emails, I will not describe much yet. So, lets say we have an array. ```js var letters = ['a', 'b', 'c'] ``` And I want...
TheForArkLD (734)
Stekovaya Tutorial Part1
![](https://storage.googleapis.com/replit/images/1593218325636_c176cdd8d0b9c70f1102fcf77353d9b8.png) # Stekovaya Tutorial Stekovaya is a stack based l...
MocaCDeveloper (513)
Update on the Brew programming language #8
Added in string decorators. Basically, if you want to decorate your string with certain ideals you add a set of curly braces at the end of the string...
JordanDixon1 (372)
The Only Unblocker You Need!
# Unblocker V3 The final, most efficient unblocker on repl.it. Just hit run and it will open immediately. This is probably the fastest unblocker on r...