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Programming Language Jam
$10,000 grand prize
sugarfi (521)
Q Language
# Q This is the beta version of the Q language. ## What is Q? Q is a functional-ish esoteric-ish language. It is based around the concept of streams/...
CuriousMonkey (1)
when u dont call delete operator
ever wondered why you have call delete operator when you put memory in the free store, well heres y
Jazzdee (0)
why it's not working
It's just a simple programm but i'm new to programming and i don't know why it does not work:( ![new2programming](
JLuke (3)
Shoots 'n' Roots (SNR) Programming Language!
Simplistic and super easy to learn programming language that is meant to teach how to program. The way it is formatted, it can also be used as a sprin...
SreePaladugu (9)
Why isn't my code working
I am confused. I am pretty sure, that the code is right, I don't understand why it isn't working. What I am trying to do is create a star that is fill...
BraylanBB121 (80)
Why doesn't my while loop work?
I am trying to make it so that the ```speed_limit``` variable changes every 25 seconds. But the function below it is supposed to run. Am I supposed to...
KamilSk (1)
Making form In HTML ! sadsadsadsadsadsadsadsadasdasdsadasdsasadasdasdsadsadsa
ebest (640)
I'm making a Python chat server to mimic this one: But that one does not work anymore. Here's mine: h...
ZDev1 (533)
Click This Language!
# Heeeeeeeeeeeeey guys! # This is ZDev1 I have a special project today... # CLICK THIS LANGUAGE LOGO! ### IDEA: @Bookie0 You have 3 languages. * P...
AlexanderTarn (241)
Spoiler Alert: terrible graphics I made a snake game in the terminal, it's not very good because it's laggy, but I think this is one of the most harde...
drea14 (25)
An awesome sword that I made. Took pretty long as I am new to this website. I hope you like it and thank you.
TheDrone7 (1263)
Developer Spotlights : Let there be light!
# Developer spotlights : Let there be light! Good morning/evening replers! This week, I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with yet another one...
AaliyahBishop (3)
Is there any way to fix my invalid syntax and make my program better?
im trying to make a heads and tails game but keep getting invalid syntax on line 11. I dont koow how to solve this, is there any way to make my progra...
Shiyah (0)
Shiyah Travis Question
How do you go to the zoom meeting????
amasad (2521)
Audio in Node.js [explorer]
See [this post]( for the announcement and reminder that you have to be an explorer t...
PlaySoccer (17)
How Do I use Colors to make colored text in my "print" function?
How Do I use Colors to make colored text in my "print" function? Again, I don't want to use white so please help (PYTHON)
orangegrouptech (1)
Install pm2 on
Hello! I'm trying to install pm2 on my repl to automatically restart it when it crashes. However, I get the error that I need to run it as admin. Trie...
HamsterCoding (9)
How to copy things from console?
I decided to change my file system to a code system, where you could enter a code to load your data, because of repl's API. When I try to copy to code...
Wilke000 (488)
Join CodersUnited!
# Hello! Here at CodersUnited, we code html/python with joy and courage, we encourage other coders, and have fun! All the info you need is in the code...
Pixelations (14)
Brute force password guesser
A simple brute force password guesser
Muffinlavania (1117)
Wanna make your own "supermarket"?
This is a little project, in Python, that is like a make- your - own - supermarket tutorial. Just fill it out as it asks! And maybe upvote?
mchilcutt (2)
Alice In Wonderland;Text formatting
text formatting chapter 1 of alice, using html semantics elements
userSM (194)
Zoom Meeting Generator
Something I made for fun. Should open up your meeting in the browser, but sometimes might require the app. These links work without the need for a pas...
AleksVoev (1)
Simple Programs Cyclinder
Program that calculates area and volume of a cylinder.
FireFoxCraft123 (6)
All About Gracie, My Cat!
Hello! Enjoy this little website I made! I will update in often (Hopefully)! I recommend opening this in a new tab. Enjoy! :3
amasad (2521)
Click around!
I just added click handling to Basic. Check out this fun program.
jasonx27 (5)
the long project with a cute little rabbit
I took hard work to finish this project
EpysTech (0)
How to convert .py file to .exe file in
How to convert .py file to .exe file in
sojs (246)
RPG game
Because nobody appreciates a good text-based game.
SuhasVasishta (2)
New Programming Language
Hey y'all! I'm starting to work on a new programming language called Kozo! Beware, I just started yesterday and little (read:nothing) works! Any of yo...