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SixBeeps (2289)
[GIF] Me When I See Tendies
A while back, the `DRAW` command was added to the PGBasic subset. I figured this command would speed the rendering process up by quite a bit. Combined...
ApoorvSingal (43)
Portfolio blog template
A simple markdown blog template with built in SEO and google analytics support and very simple config. The project uses [Hexo](https://github.com/hex...
Zexogon (845)
My projects ip adress can’t be found
This could be because of the school filter but I’m just curious as to if repl is having issues right now ![Uploading CC56675A-8CFE-442A-9AD6-8D508E5D6...
ChezCoder (1458)
How to encrypt and decrypt in node?
Is there maybe a built in function or like a module that can help me?
hawlitza (0)
Getting text on window working
My text isn't showing up on my window. Unsure how to fix the error. Assistance appreciated.
gameplayrawesom (127)
# Megacode - UNSTABLE RELEASE Megacode is an edited version of Python that uses a custom Python module to make built-in Python functions easier to use...
katyadee (1192)
SCHOOL'S OUT! IT'S SUMMER!!! 🌞 What are your summer coding plans?
SCHOOL'S OUT FOR BASICALLY EVERYONE, finally! Do you have any summer coding goals? What are they? Mine are... * get really good at HTML & CSS * le...
CarlosRosiles (71)
Angle quiz
Why did I make this. I think I made it because I have no idea what to code so I just made this.
08KINPLIX (79)
Does anyone want to help me add in key listeners to my java game
HahaYes (903)
200 Cycle Celebration
Since I have reached 200 cycles, here is a tutorial about variables! Will do a thank you list later ______________ # HahaYes' Very Good C++ Tutoria...
xolyon (333)
Solving PI
Hi, so I found out there are many ways to solve PI and I got really bored and involved two of the methods here, one of the best methods here is the...
sarathraj (2)
Chicken biryani-sarathraj
This page is done by me. My name is sarath(sarath raj). This is my first webpage. Thankyou!
ZacPlayz (61)
How do I make my out put with colour in Java?
Read the title and please answer. Who ever answers first correctly will gain 6 cycles
sugarfi (493)
Who wants to collaborate on a programming language?
This is exactly what it sounds like. I want to make a programming language, and it would be cool to have a group of people to help develop it. I would...
RashmikaPerera1 (1)
My website
Help me make this an actual website my friends
KellerWorthen (28)
How to make working like button in HTML
Im trying to make a recipe website with like buttons that work and can only be clicked once to prevent spamming. I am not very skilled. So how would...
CodingDoge (64)
My First Python Program :)
Hello! this is my first Python Program! pretty simple, but fun to make! Upvote if you like! @ETHANTHOMAS9 lol
ClumsyKitty0 (2)
Block Adventure
My first ever platformer. And my first post! I will keep adding levels, but right now there are 8. The controls are wad and r restarts the program. Yo...
kaldisberzins (310)
Making a Phaser Game with HTML5 and JavaScript
# Making a Phaser Game with HTML5 and JavaScript Hi guys! Everybody likes to make games, right? And everybody has their own way of doing it. In this...
NaolNinja (7)
How Fast Are You
What you do is type in how many mph you can run and then it reacts to your answer. https://codemonkey51.dev @Codemonkey51
ghostknight1355 (3)
Making site public
is there anyway that someone can make a site public for free?
bearbearmo (186)
Making Friends
Use the WASD keys to move up, left, down and right respectively. There is only one objective to the game, have all the colourful objects overlapping....
bgrubert (139)
Interactive circle Dropper
Be mesmerized by this simulation as you create tons of circles with your mouse, and watch them fall out of the screen! Move your mouse around t...
XaveeIsAPixel (1)
Bot that only talks in discord bot owner
Anyone knows how to make a discord bot talk only to the bot creator? can you do it on python or node.js?
Dybala1594v (4)
easy snowflake with different shapes
easy dubs!!!!!!!!!!easy dubs!!!!!!!!!!easy dubs!!!!!!!!!!easy dubs!!!!!!!!!!easy dubs!!!!!!!!!!easy dubs!!!!!!!!!!easy dubs!!!!!!!!!!easy dubs!!!!!!!!...
MaxwellUlepic (11)
A name gusser
this asks you questions then guesses ur name this is a fun and interactive game
CarlosRosiles (71)
I recently realized that you burn 1.42 calories by pressing a key (THATS A LOT!!). So introducing a revolutionizing way of exercise that will change e...
amasad (2373)
Repl.it Community Year In Review
It's been an awesome year for our community! I had some fun looking at the data and reflecting on our community, and I'd like to share some of the stu...
AtticusKuhn (236)
Auto Portfolio - Made Even Lazier
## Movtivation when I saw that [this portfolio template](https://repl.it/talk/templates/Portfolio-Site-Template/37272) won the template jam, I knew t...
4 choices: 1).a not impressive game 2).numbers 3).rock paper scissors 4). math problems
you get 4 choices what would you choose? not very impressive, not that good and plz answer and upvote if you like and plz tell me if I can add anythin...