FilipH (24)
Simulation of natrual selection
A basic simulation of natural selection using random mutations and the turtle library for visualasation.
Juice99 (6)
D&d stat rolling with python 3
I made this for a fun little project. I don't expect it to get used for its purpose but if you have any suggestions for features I could add that woul...
RohilPatel (1428)
Can I use data from one repl and use it for a discord bot, when they are 2 separate repls?
I've been trying to find a way to use a discord bot to read post data from PlogoGram (a social media site for those who didn't know), and not have the...
TheOracle (0)
Lost over an hour of progress, can't restore it
I was editing my Repl, adding comments and new snippets of code. I then added my friend @Michael_Nicol to the Repl so that he could aid me on the proj...
Whirlpool (137)
English to Binary Code!
English to Binary Code translator has been created be me! Hope you like it! This post in binary code: 0100010101101110011001110110110001101001011100...
LittleNomster (110)
Anyone else noticing people from different countries and having to use google translate to make sure its not spam? i feel like we have one designated...
Baconman321 (219)
C++ adding numbers??!!!
Ok, this is weird, and I am more of looking for an answer as to why this is happening because I am VERY curious on how this could possibly work. If yo...
DSADylan (2)
type your code to find the answer you have an online calculator now!you can also practice Python with this!
jgrif17 (2)
Learning, need help
I am getting the program to end if I enter a zero but if I enter a non zero the program does nothing. I am sure I structured my loops correctly, so I...
SimoneCobbs (0)
In Need of Help
''' P8.5 - Write a program that keeps a dictionary in which both keys and values are strings -- names of students and their course grades. Prompt the...
NitroxTr (2)
no logro resolver este problema.
saludos. si alguien me podrian ayudar resolviendo este ejercicio de javascript. Escribe una función llamada reemplazar que reciba tres argumentos: u...
fgarry25 (107)
I made a game in under 2 days!
I made this game in under 2 days for a game jam and hope you enjoy!
ChandlerMorell (82)
# Less Less stands for Leaner CSS, and for good reason. If you know anything about CSS, this will make your life easier. First, we have to create a s...
I was wondering how I would be able to implement a game save feature in a game I am making.
I'm making a game in python, and I was wondering how to add a game save feature, so that the player won't have to continuously start over at the begin...
AlexanderSmith8 (2)
I need help. My teacher is not here and i am trying to get the code for a phyton guassing game for fee
Mr3rudy (0)
My brother made this
Yeah my brother made this he wanted to try programing so this is what he made
rcwhiteley (1)
Why does auto-format indent my code using two tabs instead of just a single tab?
When I press the auto-format button repl adds an unnecessary additional tab to each line in the statement. Is this the proper formatting for python?...
racecar134 (2)
Makes grams such as pentagrams!
Chisatonl (0)
Same error every time
after I set title as below, I get an error there is no title element. What do I do wrong? <head> <meta charset="utf-8"> <meta name="viewport...
baha0902 (1)
WHY marked completed button not functioning after student submit their task? only send back button is enable
Scoder12 (756)
#WEEKLY Challenge 5: Comparison with no if statements!
I solved this one in python with no imports. Just a dictionary. Enjoy!
syflexer (467)
simple Random Name generator
this is a name generator and if you have a idea for a name i will add it also i will add your name if you give me a idea also thanks to @Bookie0 for g...
RohilPatel (1428)
Time Till The Hackathon!
We made a repl to count the remaining time till the event begins. Share your thoughts. Involved : @Zavexeon @AdCharity Uplike if this is nice!
syflexer (467)
Need Ideas
i need a quick idea for me to program and i will try my best to program what the first person says to program just try to keep it at like medium diff...
chadmanFR (1)
JAVA: I need help fixing my 2 errors in my code. I'm new to coding
I don't have a clue as to what it's telling me to fix. Could anyone explain it to me, please? error: cannot find symbol public stat...
OlauPla (154)
My number guessing game V3.0
Nothing to describe, just give me some feedback. PS: Join my team, I want us to make common python projects! Link:
amasad (2750)
my first app
i just made this in 30 seconds hope you like it
SoumyaNaraparaj (0)
Got a git file while trying to create a patch file
I'm trying to create a patch file when I ran the file I got a new git file but I couldn't find a patch file.
HiiragiBjoo (0)
Discord bot Not keep online
i use Uptime Robot 5min Checked robot up ,but looking Discord Channel The robot is actually offline, page shows robot running ok if restart...
TSelden (7)
Is there a way to use 'A' instead of 'CName'?
I'm using a custom domain, and I'm just wondering if you can use 'A' instead of 'CName'. I'm trying to make a page without a subdomain, but whenever I...