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CodeSalvageON (574)
Simple XSS Protection with Holy Tags! More info on here ^ ![A9DFE356-6F93-44D2-AC24-D7B92D6403B6](
hawlitza (0)
Trying to made window work
I have most of the code but I don't know why the window is returning (null). I intend to use the window for a game and I would appreciate any help.
SamnWakefield (2)
playing video files in a python script ??
Does Anyone in here knows how to play video files in a python script . it doesnt matter if is open on a new window,etc... point is opening ,playing a...
sangoL (3)
Just run the code and it will start counting the time.
viraatvv (145)
Random Repl involving the Generic type
So basically I just made a repl involving the generic type. It also tells how to output stuff with lists and why the Systen.Collections.Generic namesp...
comoloko (2)
halloooo bacım ![image](
AidanMarden (4)
Compleaty random password generater
Hello, there this is my random pass code generator hope you like it. Also please give me ideas to upgrade this. It also gives you an idea on how sec...
malvoliothegood (728)
PHP Tutorial No. 4: Loops
# PHP Tutorial No. 4: Loops [Reference: Control Structures]( ## for loops Read the fol...
AdobeZev (13)
Allow users/guests to make a file but not edit it.
I basically want to allow guests to make a file through the script (A file remembering the user) and for it to save. Is their anyway I could do that?...
vedprad1 (875)
HTML File trying to use JavaScript in Node.js
# HTML File trying to use JavaScript in Node.js I am using `express` and `body-parser` to parse an HTML file in Node.js. The problem is that whenever...
jenriquem1998 (2)
A test to see how can this website be used to enhance the learning experience for a class I am in and I shall attempt to reach 50 characters by the en...
gmlxo1514 (3)
The name of this site is Paint. Paintings can be painted on canvas by drawing pictures that I want, and there is a function of pen size adjustment and...
TBarnard13 (3)
Doctor Who Top Trumps - Singleplayer AI opponent
This is a top trump game using Doctor Who top trumps (Could easily be changed for any other top trumps). It features two modes : Singleplayer and Mul...
baolinchang (5)
Please help me! Thank you so much ^^
Hey! I am relatively new to c++ and I am wondering how I can record all of the attempts/guesses that the user makes (user input) and put it into an ar...
SebastianCooke (13)
My first one didn't work so well, try this one
DhruvChawla (1)
Console not working
I wrote a code (python) and i clicked run, but it is not running
Lanna (38)
**AngularJS Todo App**
Hi, This is an app I built using AngularJS, CSS and HTML. I made another todo app with Django. Check it out here ==>
FactsSeeker (0)
Translator Bot 2.0
Translates from LOTG to English and back!
Mogekoff (1)
Dialog or Whiptail for bash?
It would be very nice to see installed packages whiptail or/and dialog to creating dialog boxes for interactive scripts.
Vishvajeet_sinh (3)
please help me with packages.
I am beginner and I don't know which packages should I install and how. I found that some functions are not working, like number value without quotes...
SaptarshiHalder (43)
Star Badge
What are these star badges @theangryepicbanana ![Opera](
InfinityTheMind (8)
java [state and Deep Artificial Intelligence explained]
This is simple java ai to accept input and shows an idea or concept on how we can make firing of neurons possible in any programming language. this is...
lolcoding (7)
Periodic trivia
I finally completed this thanks to @BobTheTomatoPie, so thanks!!! and enjoy!!!
userSM (219)
Happy Independence Day!
An Indian Independence day special repl I made. Happy Independence Day!
lyntechi (2)
why am i getting NaN. PLease help!
![Screenshot 2020-05-22 at 9.03.56 PM](
juleslabouze (3)
t bo woula
this is for martin thiriot
InformaticaH4 (3)
How do i make my site redirect unknown pages to my 404 url?
Hi. I'm making a school project on and I need to set up my error 404 redirect so any unknown page automatically leads back to https://website-...
08KINPLIX (76)
My Lua Module - TERMINITE
Terminite is used to make games and more in the lua console