Mr. Hooman

@lighteningboltb (21)
hello i am a hooman not a robot i am a very good hooman i have a youtube
lighteningboltb (21)
google translate
hello i made a thing that messes up text using google translate update: i added a input() thank you @Kopamed for the idea upvote or i steal your knee...
lighteningboltb (21)
hi i need ideas
i am bored and i want ideas for a .py project ps. I am a noob to programming
lighteningboltb (21)
name gen
do you want a new name? this will give you a new name! upvote or i steal your knee caps [](
lighteningboltb (21)
shape maker
this is a remake of my scratch game
lighteningboltb (21)
multiples calculator
are u smol brain? do you want the multiples of something? then i got le thing for ye! upvote of i steal your knee caps