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My First repl
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just add spaces and overall refining to the text, otherwise nice first program

error message
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Oh, I see now. You are using the requirements.txt package, and thus you have to install it first. Otherwise the program won't recognize it.

MNM's Burgers - My 400 Cycle Special
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For the input, i think you should do .lower() so the user can input y or Y and n or N.

Tesla Hire me Plz!
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you have to write stuff like sleep, play, help or start

Mini quiz
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Ohh, so you need help trying to get their input and checking if the answer is right or wrong? @Elizabeth_Mason

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thank you! I wanted to change my profile picture for this, but didn't really know how. (I am quite unskilled with photo editors.) this is great!

Hacker vs God
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from where? @BobNeo

How many people are going to add points to my account?
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This depends on if you post projects, or answer questions on ask. There is no set amount to the number of people who are going to add points. Most of the time, people post their projects on share, or as I said earlier, answer questions on ask, (which is what I am doing right now!) If this answered your question, make sure to mark it as the answer!

How to paste in repl project?
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Hi. It is alright if your English is a bit off, I could understand your message perfectly fine. Don't let that bother you. To answer your question, just do ctrl-c, or command-c, to copy your license, and then do command-v, ctrl-v to paste it into the repl. You can't right-click paste on to the repl for some reason. Command-v if you are on mac, and ctrl-v for anything else.

Typing Speed Test
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im so..... close!!!!

How can you let a program save the runner's progress?
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If this is in HTML, CSS, JS, you use something along these lines

(this is code from one of my games, I'm sure it'll be easy for you to search up)

var score={}
var slimes
var ranchers
slimes = 0;
ranchers = 0
score.slimes = 0
score.ranchers = 0
slimes = JSON.parse(localStorage.getItem('score')).slimes
ranchers = _get().ranchers
score.slimes = slimes
score.ranchers = ranchers

This function above is how you set everything up. You can use this function if you want, but I can help you customize it for your own needs.


And in my program, ranchers are one of the things you can buy, so to save the ranchers you do that code above, with whatever else you want to do. If you're doing a clicker game, I might be able to help.

function _save(){
function _get(){
return JSON.parse(localStorage.getItem('score'))

You put these two functions as well, because we used them earlier.

Lastly, since you are making a clicker game, you need a window.setInterval thing, which is here

unction start(){
window.setInterval(function(){ slimeClickaroo(ranchers); slimeClickaroo(wranglers);slimeClickaroo(mechs);_save()}, 1000);

hope this helped!

if you need more of an explanation, you can make a repl and I'll show you.

Does anyone want a professional/informal website made for them.
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Thank you! Gave this an upvote as [email protected]

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Yo this is awesome! I'm really sad actual good projects like these don't get the recognition they deserve. It's like, there's some random 25 line code that gets 50+ upvotes, and this only has 1?

@DynamicSquid @YuvenOberai

Need ideas (and also a tutorial)
posted to Ask by VyomJain

i can help you with the html, css, js part, tell me when you want to. For python, try making a text-based game (beginner), or different function based-games. Looking at your knight simulator, i see that the whole things runs on a huge block of if and else statements. Not to be mean, but this is not efficient code. You should make your games function based to be more code efficient, and it will help your practice your overall efficiency. IF you are more advanced, use pymongo and make a chat. @CoolJames1610 has a tutorial on this.

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any learners in junior high?
posted to Ask by Sacilave

if what you're asking for is a unity tutorial, Coder100 has one. They are a prolific creator using Unity. Definitely ask them for help. I'll post the link to their tutorial here.
hope this answered your question!

Noob vs Pro in coding!
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think they were just doing that to fully explain the pro [email protected]

Discord.py bot
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"is my head going to get pooped on by a chicken"

I think I made STRESS
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i's got 11 ha ha ha

I want to make a website
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alright invite me to it @CatKitty7

I want to make a website
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You there @CatKitty7 ? Still wanna make the website?

I want to make a website
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Sorry to bother you, but by html css and js, I mean, when you make a new repl, you have to choose the lang html, css, and js, which has a little red i con next to it


Give me some funny ways to die (it's for a new game)
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Killing someone in battle, beheading them, taking their severed head, strapping it to your horse, and riding it back into town. However, the teeth from the severed head come into contact with and infect you, making you sick and eventually killing you (someone actually died from this)

I want to make a website
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use html, css, and js. If you want some help with it, I'd be happy to help you. You can make a repl and invite me to it.

i want to save the likes
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Alright, did that. @ChezCoder

How come the answer variable is not printing
posted to Ask by BPChallenges

One recommendation i have is to take the user's input and .lower(), so in the if statement do

if answer1.lower()="d":

this is because if they type lower case d they will get it wrong, but with this theyll get it right

Best way to learn programming to code a card game?
posted to Ask by arodceo

i'd recommend the card game war. It is a very simple game to code, and if you don't know it, search it up online. The game war is definitely a very easy game to start with. Along with blackjack. These two games primarily consist of random ints and comparing them. If this answered your question, make sure to mark it as the answer!

How do I define my variable?
posted to Ask by AaliyahBishop

This should fix your problem

i just changed the code a little. I will explain what i did down here. So basically the reason it is saying flip is undefined is because you have to include flip in the parameters of the function you are declaring. For example, you would have to do def coinFlip(flip):, and then blah blah blah. But, you also have to assign flip a temporary value, i did "" cause thats the easiest.

On a side note after running your program to test it I found that your program was not returning the user's score, as it is supposed to, so I fixed that as well. What was wrong with that was that flip was a string, but you were checking it as if it was an integer, which meant the program just stopped there. Thus, you can make a new variable, I called it flip1 for conciseness, and made it's value int(flip), so you can use flip1 instead of flip in your if statement. Hope these answers helped, and if they did, you can mark this as the answer.

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I don't think you can run it like that to terminal. Also, whatever python programs you make will all have main.py. You can't just run main,py in terminal without declaring it anywhere. It is saying main is undefined because it doesn't know what it is, as you haven't imported or added it to the code. Your best bet would be to take the code from your repl and use it in terminal. @Alfredo12