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Hey, I code in HTML, JS, Python, P5.js, Django, and some C#.
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A-Frame Virtual Reality Starter Engine
A-Frame ____________________________________________________________ A-Frame is growing popular in the virtual reality coding space. I tried it out a...
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Apple Loading Screen (python)
This is a loading screen that contains an apple textmoji so I decided it would be perfect to make! :)
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Adventure based Console game :)
This is just what it says in the title :)
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One of my biggest creations- EpicTetris. Tetris made with js.
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Tetris Game!
I have been working on this project for a while, so now, I present the complete version of... EpicTetris! ____________________________________________...
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Lol less than 5 minute game test :)
This is a little game I decided to try out- make a functional, fun game that is made in less than 5 minutes! I am sorta new to so... :/
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Random Code Producer
This is not a random chooser, i just made a list and said to choose one every time "enter" was pressed :)
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PyAdventure! v1.4
Console adventure with real life situations! :o
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Typing Tracker
I have made this a long time ago, but only shared it now.