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Machine learning AI for Tic Tac Toe V1.0
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@amaddentcsec reposting the post won't get you upvotes. If the community likes something, they'll upvote it. If they don't like it, they won't upvote it, and moreover, if you keep reposting you'll even get reported like right now. You shouldn't go on reposting even if you delete the old posts for any reason whatsoever. The repl is only embedded so it will get updated and most of our community members check most posts daily so it all comes down to what they like and what they don't.

Monthly repls - August 2020

Please don't treat these like a competition. As I said, there are many more posts worth checking out. These are just my personal favorites.

MsDos Games Bundle
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@HyperGamerStuds It very much is not I'm afraid.

fan-Based repl!(over 10,000 lines)
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@MarvelOCD it would be best if you mentioned the people who posted these projects originally and a link to the original post in your own post otherwise they might feel like you're stealing their work, in which case, we might have to unlist or even delete this post.

PL Jam Results!

@AmazingMech2418 I'm not sure rn, I was learning 20 langs a day so I really don't know lol.

Weekly Challenge #21

@EpicGamer007 Saturday.

Weekly Challenge #22

@HyperGamerStuds well, we'll only know when I judge them. If you have any direct doubts as to about what you need to do. You can ask but I cannot tell you if what you did was right or wrong before judging them.

Weekly Challenge #22

@HyperGamerStuds yes, that's it. Although the recommendation has to be based off of the user input and not just something entirely random.

IP Grabber - Fork and change the link title!
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This does not violate any ToS nor does it promote any illegal activities. Thus, I am unlocking this post.


@DynamicSquid the credit for the looks goes to @CosmicEgg and @lilykhan tbh. I only did the html and js.

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Congrats winners! Those are some awesome games you guys made.

Programming Language Jam & Grant

@ASTROIDE you can of course practice and plan stuff ahead of time but you cannot actually start making your final submission before that.

PL Jam Results!

@hg0428 I don't. Nobody should use a browser that doesn't support css even ie7 can display properly.

PL Jam Results!

@AmazingMech2418 If you think that way then there could've been something missing with how you presented/explained the language. The judges went through each post with great care and patience.

PL Jam Results!

@AmazingMech2418 I can't speak for the judges but as specified in the post. If you want any changes to be made about the lang please email me at the specified email address with the details.

PL Jam has Ended

@fuzzyastrocat the language.

PL Jam has Ended

@drsensor good idea, I'll see if I can put together one.

Weekly Challenge #21

@fuzzyastrocat I'd be in the same boat as you but everyone has their own set of interests therefore, I take turns sayisfying each style of programs each month. Those challenges will be back in a month or 2 again!

Monthly Repls - September 2020

literally the first line smh

Repl.it competition results!

Yes, they're right there in the post! Just click on the images. @IceWolfy1

Clarifying something for Coder100.. ignore
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@realTronsi It's not against the guidelines although it is morally wrong. I can issue a warning at most for that. You could've just removed them from the multiplayer repl. Also, since anyone can join them, you should not post them publicly on forums or invite just random people. I will issue a warning but be sure to take care of what you do from next time onwards. Always request some way to contact others rather than just inviting them to a repl such as their twitter profile or something where you can privately send them a link.

Weekly Challenge #7

@AmazingMech2418 @DynamicSquid I've updated the post to show complete example. Let me know if I can clarify something else as well.

Weekly Challenge #7

@AmazingMech2418 @DynamicSquid this comes from set theory in maths but a subset is basically a set whose all elements are part of the original set. And the original set here is the array entered by the user.
Basically, it refers to all the arrays that can be formed using the numbers entered by the user in the original array including itself. In any order.

Clarifying something for Coder100.. ignore
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@realTronsi I already read above what happened after they joined. I want to know why and how did they join. What happened before they joined the repl.

Clarifying something for Coder100.. ignore
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@realTronsi So they joined your repl, but they cannot do it without an invitation, did you just invite someone randomly? If so, then it is your fault. The invite feature is for you to invite friends to your repl to work together. If you did not and they requested to join your repl or accepted to help you out with something, I would like to have a small piece of evidence proving that.

Repl.it competition

@bramley I guess that's one way to praise yourself
I absolutely agree!

Clarifying something for Coder100.. ignore
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@realTronsi @CodeLongAndPros @MocaCDeveloper can anyone explain what happened exactly in short? IP ban is a very serious case and I want to know every little detail if we're considering that.

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@SystematicError uh, since it's a template, the credits are not something required. Templates are for public use without always giving credit.

However denying that fact is not ok @Ravens0606

Identing HUGE chunks of code with shortcuts (SOLVED)
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For indenting multiple lines of text at once, select all the lines you want to indent and press the Tab key on your keyboard.

{{ template_jam }} results!