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Free Cycles
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That's a ridiculous amount of work for such a simple project. Good job, you should end up getting get some free cycles.

A Crash Course on Dlang
posted to Tutorials by nk1rwc
string inventory[] = ["sword", "shield", "healing potion"];
writeln("You have:\n", inventory[]);

Odd, I always wrote it like this instead:

string[] inventory = ["sword", "shield", "healing potion"];
writeln("You have:\n", inventory);

Know if it's any different?

A Crash Course on Dlang
posted to Tutorials by nk1rwc

lmao, nice! You might want to mention that D is slower than C / C++, and that it's a garbage collected language, like Java.

Can we make a new Programming Language
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It is very possible, as we wouldn't have anything but binary right now. I'm pretty sure this message was sent using JavaScript, and it was made by someone (or more, most likely), wasn't it? Of course, it was! But the real question is "WHY"? Why should we make a whole new language when there are thousands? Why is yours better than what's available? Are you trying to make a better version of C++? It's still being updated, and there's D anyway. Are you trying to make a stricter version of JavaScript? There's TypeScript already. Are you trying to make a language specifically for graphing? Too late, already done, I think that'd be R. What's it run context? Will it be executed in a browser, on a computer? Is it fast, optimized, efficient? Will it work on a Mac, Linux, or a Windows system... or all of them?

Lastly, and most importantly... making a new language is EXTREMELY hard, okay that's not necessarily true, but making a good + useful language is anything but easy.

Why can't repl.it's c++ compiler find pdqsort from Boost?
posted to Ask by DeltaPavonis

Repl's stuff is quite outdated, I tried to use some Boost stuff that they didn't have before too. Yeah ik, kinda sad. It's not all kept up to date. They're still using Clang-7 after all.

Free Cycles
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@Coder100 On top of that, this is a pretty good April 1st joke.

But looking at the code, are you sure you didn't want to use a function callback for the replace value?

Should I make a report card generator?
posted to Ask by HahaYes

@DynamicSquid Clang supports it, I tried it once, I didn't actually stick with it. Hopefully C++20 modules will make it redundant anyways.

Can we make a new Programming Language
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@MrHackman Why Fortran?

posted to Ask by VulcanWM

Okay, okay... you need to stop, if not, then slow down, like A LOT. You don't just learn HTML for 3 days, not know JavaScript, not know CSS and suddenly expect to copy the most widely used and most popular search engine on Earth as of 2020 with success. It just doesn't happen. You need to thoroughly learn HTML first. There are HTML tutorials everywhere across the web, maybe FreeCodeCamp, or w3schools?

Also, Google is more than a single webpage that has a button that shows you everything, it has plenty of server-side and client-side code. Like unimaginable amounts of links and complex systems and web crawlers and so much more.

An Annoying Thing
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For future reference, don't write "PLEASE UPVOTE!!" in your post, also, writing that it's by 'your name here' is usually redundant, unless you're giving credit to the original author/developer.

Corona Clicker
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@CodeSalvageON lol, you put the ".5", nice. You potentially prevented everyone who has seen this from catching COVID-19. For that we, The Good Folks at StudentFires, thank you.

Human Worth Calculator
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@Axrevyn "beat Minecraft" and he's ONLY worth $5k?

Wildest programming language idea
posted to Ask by amasad

@SixBeeps I almost make a Spanish C++ transpiler.

π in Haskell
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@Jakman Ha, Rust is similarly easy.

π in Haskell
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@Jakman :) Not really, go look at a tutorial, it's easy.

π in Haskell
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@Jakman You just don't know Haskell.

Yellow Stone Zombies: An Apocalypse Game (300 Cycles Special)
posted to Share by BobTheTomatoPie

Recommendation: use to "lower case" to allow us to not care about caps.

I need help for my 500 cycle special
posted to Ask by DynamicSquid

Lmao, you won't do this, my recommendation: "Octopus".
If you don't want that: "Octopus Squid".

Also, the opposite of "dynamic" is "static," you know where I'm going with this.

Also, your mine field game was a grid, so "Grid Squid".

You CAN'T beat this game. You just can't.
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Btw: for portability, don't use system("clear"), use std::wcout or wprintf on L"\e[H\e[2J", that's the shortest ANSI sequence for clearing the terminal.

You CAN'T beat this game. You just can't.
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@DynamicSquid Don't trust Adria. Trust me on this.

What is Replit's goal?
posted to Ask by xolyon

Here's an ancient post that might be of help in answering your question: https://repl.it/talk/ask/Do-you-actually-plan-to-take-over-the-world/10.

@amasad commented on that post:

... Repl.it ... good chance ... that [it will be] world-conquering...

The code for a website
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Just a heads-up: the <xmp/> tag has been deprecated since HTML 3.2, we're currently in HTML 5. I can remake this website in XHTML and have it be semantically equivalent.

The Cactapedia (Cactus Encyclopedia)
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@CodingCactus I meant that you ought to look into how to make a server, as it can be done in Python (Without going through hell and back, like C++).

File Nuker C++
posted to Share by TehEpicCoder

Those “numbers” you didn’t know how to tamper with, I tampered with: https://repl.it/@StudentFires/FileNuker, It’s far more readable now.

The code made literally no sense, after heavily debugging your code I realized that most of it was useless. the for loop should’ve just contained the file >> file_text, the rest of it happened when the loop ended.

Btw, this ate up a full Gigabyte of my Repl storage, luckily I’m on the Hacker plan.
By targeting non-existent files, it required memory.

DP #2: Basic Dynamic Programming Problems
posted to Tutorials by MrEconomical

@DynamicSquid He had me fooled, I should’ve seen it coming. Your comment actually made me laugh, good job!

File Nuker C++
posted to Share by TehEpicCoder

@TehEpicCoder Oh, I'll update it anyways then, wish me luck!

File Nuker C++
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I crashed when using const auto nuke_text = std::string(2e9, ' ');, but it should effectively delete any file, that or system("rm "+userInput)

File Nuker C++
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I thought I knew how to destroy other people's reps, but I failed. If this worked this'd be pretty cool.

Tampering w/ the numbers, can't these be changed?

Convert if (i % 2030900 == 0) to if (!(i & 2030899))

rand() % 4 to rand() & 3

Bored Index - How Bored Are You?
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Woo, 15 / 10! I've been coding since the outbreak, I'm bored out of my mind and optimizing everything!

This account, StudentFires, is actually used by multiple people, we co-founded the account + name. And they haven't been one since the closures...

DP #1: Introduction to Dynamic Programming
posted to Tutorials by MrEconomical

Doesn't the data consumed in the multiple calls across the stacks usually outweigh the size of the table?