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"A goal without a plan is only a wish." ~ Someone said so...
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Error Message
Hi, How to solve this problem now? I was normally creating a Weather Forecast, and I closed the tab and when I opened it again it gave me this error....
PattanAhmed (1103)
Flower with Turtle
Hi World, Check this beautiful # **3D Design** made with **Python Turtle** # 🌷 💮 🏵️ 🌹 🥀 🌺 🌻 Thanks!
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Color Confusions
Hi, See, This is my commands on a color string in Python. As you all can see that I wrote print(Pink + "Hello") in First Line and print("Ok") in the s...
PattanAhmed (1103)
WormyGame (Impossible)
Hi, This is called Wormy! Which is really hard to follow and play... # FAQ **Why it's hard?** > Good question :D It will sometimes stop in the mi...