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How to hack Google dinogame!
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chrome dino game trash

edge surf game good

What language should I start with?
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To me, learning python was.....a mistake

Python isn't bad but then again it's not useful.

Want to build a web server/API? You have Go, NodeJS, .etc
Want to design a web page? HTML, CSS, JS, Bootstrap .etc
Want to build a GUI application? C++, Java, and Electron
Want to build your own operating system or write code low level? C, C++, Rust, .etc

When I think of python, I really only see it as something in the "niche" category. The language isn't really engineered for anything.

I suggest learning Rust. It's syntax is understandable, makes you a better coder (the rust compiler teaches you about how to safely handle your code, useful in the future), works in any field except web page development (of course), and it's compiled -> faster. But again, there are so many other languages you should try.

If you really decide to learn python, there is no route back. Python is too easy to learn, and sometimes it's just not really ideal to use python when there is a better alternative. That's why you see people make python scripts instead of python programs.

I suggest try something new. Don't fall into a rabbit hole, and take a language that really interests you.

Want to build a game? Learn C++, it takes you from simple text based games to full fledged graphical games.
Want to start a shop? Learn NodeJS, PHP, or HTML/CSS/JS.

There is much more programming languages than "Python", "HTML/CSS/JS", and "Python".

There is even more to the list. Scala, Nim, heck even Basic and Assembly.

Do what you want, not what others want you to do.
Go to the languages page and click something random from the list. Then research about the language. If you like it, use it!

Atom Builder
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@brasilchicken10 forgot to switch accounts?

[UPDATE] Weekly Challenge #19

Wait a minute- How is this possible?

Such a formula would require intense computing power which we don't have- and the last site I've been on was only able to calculate the 21 first primes of Fibonacci. Edit: Wikipedia says there are only has 34 proven fibonacci primes. Not 50.

So are you looking for a working program that theoretically could do it? Or you want an actual prototype?

A Quick Guide to Repl.it Talk Markdown
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Well, this bug report is no more...

I was thinking again
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@DynamicSquid I learned rust really well and was able to understand it thanks to the rust book, I suggest you use it too.

Rust is the only language with an actually okay tutorial.

I was thinking again
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@hello4691 Nevermind the last comment. This is possible in python via wrappers:

def loopwrap(func, *args, **kwargs):
    def inner(cond, *args, **kwargs):
        while not cond:
            func(*args, **kwargs)
    return inner

def test():

test(True) #doesn't work
test(False) #does work
First GUI!
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@Ramiels That's just repl.it. It's not his fault.

IP Grabber - Fork and change the link title!
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@RayhanADev Sorry but the intentions of this project is not to promote illegal activity. If you believe someone is using this tool against the TOS, please report them to the mods.

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SPLICE: A fully functional text editor in the console
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I always wanted to do something like this. Looks like someone beat me to it :)

Can you put an if statement inside an if statement?
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Of course! ...
Next time search up your question BEFORE you ask in post.

PL Jam has Ended

No, MM/DD/YYYY confuses me, you small brain

Oh ho ho...

It's the other way around

PL Jam has Ended

See? Doesn't DD/MM/YYYY confuse you?

PL Jam has Ended

@firefish I use MM/DD/YYYY

it's actually my favorite date format

dupl.kit - Real time collaborative text editor!
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This is anarchy - everything is griefed

How to hack Google dinogame!
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WebCraft - A Online Minecraft!
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Creative mode needed. Feels like MC lite :) (The Nostalgia)

Code doesn't run
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@PattanAhmed @JosephSanthosh is kinda right. Your trying to squeeze cycles by making your comments short so you have more opportunities to x2 your cycles.

It's kinda unethical. However I am not saying that you can't do this, I just want to say it's unethical and that I was going to make this comment yesterday, but I wasn't able to put it in terms of words.

It doesn't make sense to try to gain extra cycles from people who just want an answer. I understand you want cycles- but for what? You don't earn money from cycles, do you? Will you put it in you resume? No. It's just reputation, like stackoverflow. But unlike stackoverflow, there is no losing cycles from unhelpful answers. So even if you had a lot of cycles, people won't even respect you- you didn't do actual work to deserve it.

I'm not saying this to be rude, but I hope you understand.

Artificial Intelligence Competition
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Yay! Finally a new challenge!

Can anyone make a functioning restart button for my platformer game: Shadow Runner
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Generally for all languages, I would expect for you to put each section of your game into a function and have that function started for a restart button.

I can clarify this more if you tell me what language you are using and/or the repl.

Cycle Finder
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@IzanLarumbe Here's a quick rundown of a cycle:

A cycle is how many times someone upvoted your post or comment, or if you answered someone's question. (I believe it's like Reddit karma?)

Now that I have answered your question,

Can I have a cycle?

Rex Programming Language!
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Amazing Squid, Yes!

Omni - A Virtual Assistant
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Me: What is 1 + 1?

Omni: [Object object]
Me: Okay Puts answer on homework

Solve this bug, please.

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Wait a minute...
Did you do this in a Repl Team? If not you should port your code over and use the Admin CI to enter that team in the jam.

Repl.it Database feedback 💾
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I really like the Repl DB. My only issue is key size limits.
Also, please add the ability to view the Database!

⚡️DEVELOPER SPOTLIGHT #02:⚡️simontiger
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2.1. Numbers: Two digits
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@MohamadAlshabab Your welcome! Just to let you know, clicking reply will let you reply on my comment, and you don't have to type out my number/cycles.

2.1. Numbers: Two digits
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That's really cool @MohamadAlshabab!
But you can achieve this goal in a much easier and efficient way. Instead of using the unpacking operator *, slice the list using a negative index. This tells python to read right to left. So digits[-2] should give you the second-to-last character or the tens digit (same applies to ones: digits[-1] should give you the last character). This also fixes a bug where your code thinks that the tens place is the hundred place.

Build a website with Webby!
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@MarcusWeinberger Thanks! I'll edit the CSS and fix the issues with site creation