Arul Moorthy

@7outofBLIP (4) • Spring-Ford Intermediate School 5th/6th Grade Center
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Hi, this is my submission for the Weekly Challenge #5.
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For @TheDrone7 's WEEKLY challenge #6.
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I have nothing to do, give me a project.
I need something to do please give me something to do.
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My Game in Progress
It's a game I made, use WASD to move. You have to press enter after every one of your moves (I didn't know how to use getchar() in C). It's still a wo...
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How to make a server in
I'm wondering how to make a server in so that I can create a chat function between players.
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My language/library!!!
A language/library I made with C++. I am currently working on it, I just thought I'd share what I have. Please give feedback. Please.
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Fibonacci Header File
Basic Fibonacci series functionality. Can tell if a number is in the Fibonacci series. FIB_ADDENDS: the addends which make up a number (if it is Fibon...
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Working on an OS
It can only open files right now but it's a start. Commands: -open() <-- After entering into terminal input file name and it will print out the conten...